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Chrono trigger, peaceful days, orchestral


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I like what you've done with it so far. I'd be curious to see the direction you take it in.

^ This

It lives up to its title. Very peaceful, very soothing. At first I had to wonder what song it was, but it soon became very clear. I like the slight changes you've made to the melody as well as the way you've built up to the point that you're at. My only qualm is that its not finished, lol.

I will replace the cheesy piano soundfont with a real recording.

Doesn't sound all that cheesy to me.

Looking forward to your next update!

Awesome work!

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Mmm... without the rest of it, it's kind of hard to suggest names. Maybe a play on words of some kind, 'Peaceful _____' or 'Days Spent _____' or something? Having never played the game, I can't really come up with anything based on the point in the story it's at since, well, I don't know where in the story it's at, lol.

Oh, also, could you link to the source in the first post?

EDIT: Panzi had some good ideas up there, too. Also, 'Days Spent at Peace' or 'Days Spent at Home'?

Also, loving the update! The only thing I could really hear that sounded off to my admittedly untrained ear was the... violin?... from 1:22-1:24, which didn't sound quite right to me for some reason. Can't really say why, it just bothered me. Aside from that, amazing stuff you've got so far!

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