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    I'm a producer/remixer in an underground electrogroup called "HEDEFECT". Please visit the website stated in URL to know more!

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    various midi controllers, various softwares

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  1. hmmm. . .it's okay, I guess. . .it is one of my personal faves in the RE series. The drum part feels weird tho. . .bu I guess everyone has their own way of re-interpreting VG tunes nowadays. me and my bandmate did a cover of it in one of our sessions 6 years ago but we forgot to press REC. . .we don't like playing the same thing twice (especially in an okay crowd) >sigh!<
  2. I guess you could do a bit of tweaking, but yeah it's sounds well-mixed on its own. Very Daft Punk-ish I might add--which is weird for me because I just got this TRON OST from a record bar I couple of days ago before listening to your song. Keep it up dude!
  3. Hmmm. . . Not bad, not bad at all. I kinda like it. Keep it up, dude!
  4. Alright, I'm almost done. I'm putting some of them out next week. Thanks again for the suggestion, WinZenT! The game itself is interesting--and a bit hard as well!! Hope you em out!! --Low Phi
  5. hehe, Suito Homu. . .I love doing unknown/obscure videogame mixes. . .I haven't played Suito Homu yet; I'll playing it tonight tho. . .I'm digging the themes. . .I'll probably have something out soon. Thanks for suggesting this game; I've been looking for some interesting themes to remix out of. I'm putting it in the "Post You Game Mixes" corner. . .hope you check out soon.
  6. I keep thinking if I should release that 1 Gunstar Heroes track I did years ago. . .I didn't want to release it in the first place because I've heard a lot of awesome mixes much awesome than what I made I dunno. . .maybe I'll pass by this thread again soon. . .just not feeling it for now. . .
  7. tee-hee, I'm liking stage 4 of Metal Slug 1>lightbulb<. . . I wonder if I could uhhh. . .hmmm. . .!!!!!! I check on this later. . .
  8. Alright, I got it done. Finally. It's still a bit crunchy but it does grow on you. check it out here! So, anyway I as I was working on this song--it made feel like working on another Vay mix. I think I'm gonna release it in the Post your Game Mixes thread soon. Be sure to fish over there or just PM me or whatever. Please enjoy the mix.
  9. that is so damn true. . .we [me and my bandmate] tested it again but there were problems with the upload (loud 'clicky' sounds and too fuzzy. . . which annoyed the hell outta me. . .)--we're hoping to release it in a few more hours just hold on.
  10. Just a few hours from now. . .we're still testing the quality.
  11. Alright, we're just polishing it a bit. . .just be sure you guys come back here this Wednesday or Thursday EST (earlier there in US) coz we're still cleaning the Hardcore Battle theme and we have working day jobs but yeah it's pretty much done. . .be on the look out.
  12. I did work of the Hardcore Battle theme of that game 2 months ago but I didn't get to finish it--I ran out of ideas. . .I'll see what I could come up with this game tonight and I'll post it here. . .if I can finish it, that is. . .but yeah, I'll probably think of something--last time I worked on it, it was around 80% done.
  13. If you're willing to push this project through--I got a Chrono Trigger track that me and a bandmate of mine used in couple of shows (funny thing is people don't know they're CT tunes. . .and I don't think they care anyways. . .) We did the theme of Schala--that's about tho. . .BUT we have some of CT work tapes somewhere (tunes that didn't make it. . .we lacked ideas to finish vg mixes at times) Lemme know if you want to check it out. And I guess I could look back at those worktapes and see if I could think of something now.
  14. Hey, nice take on Peaceful Days dude. I love the arrangements. Keep it up.
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