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  1. The md5 sum on this mp3 file is a miss match to what is specified on the download page. Checksum on download page: 1245eb767f843c8d10f85e27f4b235d2 Real checksum: 38f6778460315196b84370c3b1786656 Is the file corrupted?
  2. I think this is awesome! However, I just wanted to post a link to this thread and mp3 in another forum on another website but the mp3 download link is broken. :/ May I upload the mp3 somewhere else and link to this thread plus the new download url? Or can you find this song somewhere else now?
  3. It's great, but in my personal taste ti would be better if the whole song would be like the beginning (no electric guitar). Just my taste. I would like such a song.
  4. Wow, I really REALLY love this ReMix. I love the opening theme from OoT anyway and wish there would be more ReMixes of it. This one is really great!
  5. It would be completely awesome if it wouldn't be so horrible clipped.
  6. I really love this ReMix and would like to hear more such ReMixes.
  7. Some title ideas: Harmony of Peace, Peaceful Town, The Town we are from, Before all Worries.
  8. Very nice indeed! Please finish it, its great so far! )
  9. I think its great! I wish there would have been more SNES games by Rare. The three DKC games and killer instinct did rule! Is there any Jump-and-Run that is of the same quality as DKC on the SNES (beside Yoshi's Island)?
  10. Very nice! However I think a bit less would be a bit more. Sounds a bit overloaded at times.
  11. Very very nice. Almost perfect. I just don't like the... what is it? Breathing noise? I don't know. Saved it.
  12. Very awesome! However, the "dings" sound a bit to... erm, "small". I don't know how to say that, I don't know anything about such things. Maybe they need some kind of resonance?
  13. I only get a blank page there. :/ Edit: "We are sorry, but this site has exceeded its bandwidth limit at this time."
  14. Nice ReMix. Because you can hear them in the background: I never could stand those disgusting, screaming, porno fairies. That's not how fairies look and behave like! This is the only thing that's really shitty about this game. Other than that Zelda OoT and Chrono Trigger are my all time favourite games!
  15. Yes, I'm really looking forward to the final (or next) version of this remix. I think it's really good. *looks up what other remixes Theophany has*
  16. All life begins with nu and ends with nu. Thats the truth, Thats my belief. ...at least for now. (play Chrono Trigger)
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