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Where do you get your info about video game albums (e.g. reviews & release dates)?


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Here's a few sites I visit when I need info about video game albums:

VGMDb - The Videogame Music Database, a community project dedicated to cataloguing every game music album ever released.

Original Sound Version - A nice blog about VG music that's updated regularly.

Square Enix Music Online - Don't let the name of this site fool you, because there's a LOT of info to be found about non-Square Enix albums. The large reviews database can be a great help when you want to be sure if an album is worth buying.

Chudah's Corner - Quite a bit of info about game soundtracks, but unfortunately the site has not been updated since March 2009 and is on indefinite hiatus now.

Also, where do you buy your VG albums? I buy most of mine at VGM World (they have quite a few Falcom (Ys, Sorcerian, Legend of Heroes) albums there, and I LOVE Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.) and Play-Asia.

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