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  1. Dies Irae is used as Wolfgang Krauser's theme in the Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series. Here are a few different versions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bkOTToID_c
  2. I just listened to and now my ears are BLEEEEEEDINGGGGG
  3. I received the cd in the mail a few days ago, and right now I'm listening to it at work I'm really enjoying the album. Some spacesynth albums have the tendency sound a bit repetitive after a few tracks, but thankfully there's a lot of variation here. Oh and Zircon, your track rules. I love that bubbly SID-like sound!
  4. Awesome. Within 10 seconds of listening to the megamix, I knew I was going to order this CD. I love 80's synth music like Laserdance, Jean Michel Jarre and Gazebo, so this is right up my alley!
  5. Seeing as this is a site about VG music, I expected this thread to be slightly more popular... Oh well. If anyone is still interested, RPGFan also has quite a large database of VG album reviews.
  6. Activision was awesome during the 8bit era. Just thinking about classic games like Pitfall 1 & 2, Keystone Kapers, H.E.R.O., River Raid and Decathlon brings back many great memories of being a kid in the 80's...
  7. Don't you guys wonder what the OP-bot is planning to do with all this information? I foresee a future where mankind is enslaved by Powerglove-wielding R.O.B.'s.
  8. Yeah, I wonder if those games will look very dated in a few years. Personally I'm sick of all the brown/gray city slums, warzones and apocalyptic wastelands we've seen this generation. And while some of the games that featured those kind of graphics were great, I do think that this kind of aesthetic will look very dated in the near future.
  9. Sometimes I like to boot up the Virtual Console and play some old games like Golden Axe, Bonk's Adventure, Shinobi, Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap, E-Swat and countless other gems from the 8bit & 16bit era. While the graphics and gameplay might be primitive by today's standards, I think those retro games are still pleasant to look at and fun to play. I'm still impressed whenever I see lovely parallax scrolling or sprite manipulation in games like Gunstar Heroes or Castlevania IV, and headbutting dinosaurs & throwing shurikens at helicopters is still as fun as it was way back in the late 80's/early 90's. However, whenever I play something from the Saturn/PS1 era I'm usually far less enthusiastic. The 2D games from that era still look fine (e.g. Street Fighter Alpha 2, Symphony of the Night, Darkstalkers), but 3D games that were once considered classics (Sega Rally, Resident Evil, NiGHTS, Tomb Raider, Panzer Dragoon, etc.) have aged tremendously due to rough, glitchy graphics, terrible frame rates and/or sluggish controls. This is just my opinion though. I'd like to know what you guys think! Are there specific games you enjoyed in the past but can't get back into due to outdated graphics or gameplay?
  10. I dig the name and icon choice.

  11. Here's a few sites I visit when I need info about video game albums: VGMDb - The Videogame Music Database, a community project dedicated to cataloguing every game music album ever released. Original Sound Version - A nice blog about VG music that's updated regularly. Square Enix Music Online - Don't let the name of this site fool you, because there's a LOT of info to be found about non-Square Enix albums. The large reviews database can be a great help when you want to be sure if an album is worth buying. Chudah's Corner - Quite a bit of info about game soundtracks, but unfortunately the site has not been updated since March 2009 and is on indefinite hiatus now. Also, where do you buy your VG albums? I buy most of mine at VGM World (they have quite a few Falcom (Ys, Sorcerian, Legend of Heroes) albums there, and I LOVE Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.) and Play-Asia.
  12. Strange... With headphones on, I can hear them all. Without my headphones I can't hear 17 & 18, but the rest sounds fine. I'm 31 years old. GET OFF MY LAWN!
  13. Also: A-Ha - Take On Me Alphaville - Big In Japan Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Enola Gay Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
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