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Organ Progressive Symphonic Death Metal Thing


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Yeah, sooooo.....yeah.....the mixing is pretty damn bad. The fact that you already know really makes this easier, lol. First of all, turn down everything but the drums. That'll even everything out as well as bring the drum track up more. If you just turn the drums up now, it might make the whole track too loud and overpowering.

The organ sounds great! What VST is that? Cause i would love to have it! :D I think it needs a compressor to bring the levels down and a little EQ tweaking to help make it stand out but not overpower your other intruments.

The fact that the guitars are not real is kinda interesting. At first it was a little different, but once the triplets and chords kicked in you couldn't completely tell it was fake. All in all man, its a great start and with some tweaking on the mixing side this will be a great track!

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Man...I don't know...

Ok, so maybe you want to sound more like Hammerfall or Dream Theater, than more....well....

This is what I'm imagining in my head... I feel it's great, actually, as it is... x_x It's very 'original' sounding. The rhythm guitar is cranked high, which makes it feel like the guitar is the entire point of the song, which sounds really cool when you have it on lower volume (like, if it's in a soundtrack, it'll be low volume so the only thing you'll hear is the guitar, which is actually kind of cool in and of itself)

With that said, just level everything out and make the snare stand out like it's in a hall like PAAAHH and you'll be good I think. x_x

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