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Top Gear Rally


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Now, I've seen quite a few ReMixes for the various Top Gear games for SNES, but how about some N64 love? This game is more obscure than it deserves to be, but it's a great game with some golden notes inside.

Since there aren't a lot of tracks in this game, I'm going to cover them all, linking them to YouTube videos.

I really like the mixture of the piano and synth in this track. It really does induce the visual that this would play on a showroom floor, and at the same time, it really expresses the nature of the sport.

This song is catchy because of the PVC pipe instrument used. Reminds me of the good old Blue Man Group. Later on in the track, it gets into some great percussion and then a melody kicks in using another great instrument.


This one has to be my favorite track in the game. This one has an oriental feel for it. It's got a great beat, and makes me enjoy this track every time I play it. The composers really did do a great job mixing all of the instruments used into a track that makes me look forward to playing a track I despise driving on.

Strip Mine

This track is pretty good too, because the track itself is a pretty industrial area and the composers did a really great job once again here in making the song fit the surroundings. Great synth work here too.


This track I'm not really too fond of, mostly because you don't play this track so often in the game. It's not as notable as the others, but I don't rule it out as "bad". It does make you realize that the feel of the terrain on this track has shifted to some steep and treacherous roads, but only in certain parts.


Here's some more great PVC/Synth action going on here, with a pretty nice bit of percussion going on as well. Also one of my favorites.

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I really wanna see the New York level (at least, I think it was NY. It's like the 3rd level in the SNES version) I remember playing that when i was like 5 and thinking, "Wow, this is badass". I know I'm asking for SNES in an N64 thread, BUT...

That'd be great if someone did it :)

oh, here's the link

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