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Hedgehog Hysteria - a Sonic the Hedgehog remix album

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Lyrics:meet nico smith

Nico Smith, is quite a special case; our sessions have brought up rather interesting things.

his fantasies in particular are vivid and detailed, and almost certainly rooted in his childhood. they are also very unusual.

Lyrics:Somewhere Green

For today's exercise, i want you to think of someplace green. someplace pleasant. someplace where you feel at peace. can you think of that special place? It shouldnt be that difficult.

Lyrics:Lost Marbles

Now i want you to think back. As a child, did you ever own a set of marbles?... and did you ever happen to misplace those marbles?

Lyrics:In the yard

There are things in our childhood that can affect us, shape us. when you were younger, did you play any games out in the yard?

Lyrics:Complex labyrinth

From the beginning, the most peculiar then i noticed about smith was how linear the elements were to his fantasies, it was a singular thread of concepts, folded neatly into a complex labyrinth.

Lyrics: Soft lights

He told me he had dreams in which he was an animal - a creature running along at supersonic speed. In his words, he could "see nothing but a soft blue light(...) as if the whole world was a frozen blur" as he sped along.

Of additional note is his apparent interest in musical composition. At his home resides a rather old and uneven piano, upon which he performs pieces that "play in (his) head" whenever he enters these fantasies.

Lyrics:A Special Case

Case code 50-N.I.C

Transcript - June 23, 1991

Eggerman: so tell me; what is your assement of smith?

Associate:Well, he doesn't hear voices, nor talks to himself. he doesn't seem to have any delusions as far as i can see. he seems to be in control of his extremites. he doesn't yell or lash out at anyone. I dont think he's dangerous. he doesnt injure himself, and he has no outward feelings of putting himself or others in danger. doesnt seem to have any deep fears or anger. you really werent lying when you said he was a special case.

Lyrics: kevin Eggerman

Nico, are you daydreaming again? In case you've forgotten, im kevin eggerman, your psychoanalyst. im here to help you, and i need your cooperation, maintaining communication is the key to effective psychoanalysis.

Lyrics:Mental Detritus

Nico, i get the feeling you're becoming more and more distant in these sessions. We've gone through most of the detritus of your past, but we've yet to access how these elements play into your recent life. your current condition. most importantly,i need to know what you truly believe.

what i believe?

Lyrics: finality

All things that live must surely pass. circle of life that move so fast. we smile it off, we all pretend, but we all began, we all shall end.

cant stop finality, it is finality.

life is too short to be restrained. must free our friends from binding chains. defeat the enemies we face so countless creatures can be saved.

it is reality. cant stop finality. it is finality.

Lyrics: Hedgehog hysteria medley

When we first met, smith seemed eager for accessment and treatment. unfortunately, as we continued he regressed further into his fantasies.

In his protagonist role, he battles foes and frees innocent beings from mechanical bondage. my secretary called smith's condition " Hedgehog hysteria" though the hysteria description may not apply in this case. the idea of speed though areas seems to harken back to playtime at an earlier age.

At this point i have come to the conclusion that smith truly believes he is this hedgehog character he created in his mind. since it is crucial that he remain communicative in these sessions, i cannot resume my work while he is in this state. i can only hope he can find help at the hands of medical professionals at the facility.

-kevin eggerman, psychoanalyst.

"Kevin Eggerman" - lyrics by B-Type

surveyin' the scene, it’s all pristine

lights, camera, action, time to dream

rotund doctor, easily qualified

to check out what’s goin’ on inside

mind fried? let him take a look

attempt to untether insanity’s hooks

brain shook, what’s your intention?

he's known as a hobbyist for invention

robotics mostly, just for fun

his passion lies where your mind runs

like an oiled machine, makes sense to him

i will introduce himself, Kevin Eggerman

appearance lends to caricatures

he strokes his ‘tache as his mind whirrs

a spectacle in triple thick glasses

passes the bar, but slow like molasses

due to the puppy fat wrapped round his waist

he’d be quick to put ya in your place

because he’s strict, does serious work

one time came a cropper of an office clerk

accusing he of animal cruelty

all just heartless conjecture, see

it’s untrue, let him do what he do

for a psychoanalyst, he’s got quite a crew

what will he do to you? gaze inside your mind

like he had drills straight attached to his ride

that’s right, he can penetrate

what’s your malfunction? check your state

what’s his fate? he gets a tax rebate

for helpin’ kids get on their way

delusions, yo, that be his specialty

the mind is a cage he will set free

Nico Smith tends to regress

into a place i must confess

conveys as bizarre, the doc tries hard

to get him back playin’ in his yard

every time the pair progress

doin’ the work the doc does the best

at first in jest, but now seems real

Nico grabs save states with zeal

trapped inside the illusions ride

can he not come to terms with how people die?

coz when he shifts from the illusion’s coil

he starts again, carries on his toil

in another world, it’s gettin’ worse

he does speedruns, it’s well rehearsed

the same show repeats over again

but at least it doesn’t seem to cause him pain

but he won’t refrain, he's gettin’ deeper

takin’ over his mind like an ivy creeper

what will Kevin do, man? what’s he got?

can this be solved with a homemade robot?

a little chuckle, quickly muffled

psychiatry and invention? not coupled

but Nico’s state aint gettin’ better

as the doc removes his red, yellow sweater

he's a go-getter, will not fail

this will soon be another tale

of success, he won’t dismiss

case 50-N.I.C., Nico Smith

you are very welcome i just typed all that out just for you.


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