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  1. Have to agree with eggangaming, this is indeed kinda cover-ish, but pretty badass nonetheless. Super tasty and powerful rock jam worth banging your head to!
  2. Been a huge fan since this track first appeared here! Saying this one is just good would be an understatement, I think. A real masterpiece, no less. Nothing too fancy, no crazy soloing, just super smooth and focused flow. The bass is, of course, super thick, and it's hard not to like it! Really love the drum switch-up at 3:13 and starting at 5:30 is simply my favorite part - the repeated melody really carries you away there in an almost hypnotising fashion. Brilliant!
  3. Holy shit, talk about a strong debut! I literally had chills running down my spine the entire time... Such a powerful and emotional remix. Don't really have anything to say except that I was expecting transition into Time's Scar at 1:05 for some reason, haha. Super solid work, hats off to you, theStyg!
  4. Been a huge fan since the day this was published here. Loving the massive sound, has sort of electric vibe to it, which is very appropriate for this source, if you think about it. Also can't help but mention sound effects from this level thrown in the outro part - very neat! Absolutely fantastic work!
  5. Lovely! The electronic parts of this track sound quite simple at times, but sometimes simplicity is the key - and this is definitely the case here. Add super warm, intimate-sounding guitar, and you've got yourself a pretty fun piece of music. The glitched chips are actually pretty cool, and the lead at 2:17 isn't something I've expected, but something I've enjoyed for sure. It's a shame OCR didn't recieve any other stuff from this guy, but oh well
  6. Ah, another portion of synthwave-y goodness from Jorito - these can never hurt Perfect soundscape as always, definitely has that "going into the sunset" kind of vibe to it. Really fun and engaging all the way thorugout - super strong groove overall, expressive synth solos, tight guitar work (good job on that, HeavenWraith!), and the vocoded bits worked really neatly as a sort of break. If I had to guess, they say "Wanderers from Ys" and "Sunset Heroes", but I'm not entirely sure. Anyways, love this track, amazing work!
  7. Super peppy! Nothing too crazy going on, just plain fun head-bopping dance stuff, which I can always appreciate Especially enjoyed the chorus parts of the track and the various bleeps and bloops at 3:15. Pretty nice track, well done!
  8. Very nice. The flow is super smooth, and I love how mellow this sounds, while being quite groovy and even bombastic at times (those drums at 2:46 are sick, holy cow!). Definitely worth grabbing, not sure how I missed this one
  9. Just beuatiful. Despite all the glitchiness going on, this piece feels really cozy and comforting. There's definitely something nostalgic about the atmosphere. It really feels like a little tale of the old days The item jingle at around 1-minute mark is a nice touch and the piano at 1:43 nearly broke me... In a good way, haha. Once again, exceptional work, Michael!
  10. Ah, this track. I remember listening to it quite a lot when I just joined the forums It's a shame that this track is so short and doesn't develop at all, since I've always thought that the sounds used here are not too bad. I'd really love to see Joe revisit it one day, but I guess he's too busy with Game Sack these days
  11. Wow, this is different! I mean, I've been listening to the original version of the track since the album release back in 2013 (!), so you can imagine how much I'm used to it And listening to this one just messes up with my brain so much, haha. But I can't say the changes are for the worse here! In fact, I really love some of them quite a lot. The strings sound more clear, you've got a much more varied beat, and damn, that "swoosh" sound effects... I can't help but smile All in all, very solid work!
  12. This one took me by surprise, that's for sure. A funky metal ToeJam & Earl remix? I guess that's a thing now, haha. Seriously, this is such a fun track! Tight guitar performances? Yes! Groovy drums? Yes! Lively brass stabs? Yes! Hyperactive Genesis-ish bassline that's just poking your brain? Yes! And to top it all of, crazy synth soloing? YES! So what's not to like? And man, the second part when the track basically goes off the rails is sooooooo good! Very solid work, gentlemen! P.S. that fake ending
  13. You know, when I saw in the project thread that Lashmush was doing a Doom ReMix, I got super excited, because, boy, his works on previous volumes is just superb to say the least. Imagine my reaction when this juggernaut was released into my ears for the first time. An epic, unapologetically brutal symphonic metal take on some of the best Doom music? Hell yeah, sign me up! Absolutely perfect shreddage combined with breathtaking orchestral parts is certainly what one may need when murdering a bunch of demons! Good stuff
  14. This is simply amazing. Mellow and soothing, yet it has a hint of groove. It's honestly surprising how good this track is considering its age. I really love the warm pianos and guitars, the cellos create just the right amount of ambiance and even melancholy, I suppose. Also digging the panflutes during the chorus and relatively simple but quite catchy beat. It's a definite must-download.
  15. This is lovely! Took me a few listenes to get used to, but it's a very nice tune for sure! Feels a little empty at times, but it's not a huge deal. Absolutely digging the lo-fi retro aesthetics, and man, that guitar solo feels so authentic! It really makes shivers run down my spine, haha. I also feel that there's almost a middle-eastern vibe going on at times (1:13 is a great example of what I'm talking about). It was fun to read Michael's comments regarding his work too, I even checked out YMO's and Sakamoto's music - good stuff! All in all, very interesting track, definitely worth your atten
  16. YES, a new Diggi Dis track!!! And man, what a jam it is. It's definitely not something I'd expect from this guy, but something I wholeheartedly welcome! Absolutely dig everything it has to offer. The opening surely took me by surprise with those left-panned guitars, and their return at 1:36 was pretty cool as well! And that guitar coming in at 1:40 made me eargasm, oh boy. It was there only for just a second, but... Yeah, it's amazing. And check out the rapid-fire drums right after that breakdown! The arrangement is stellar too - the classic melody itself is clearly there, but I love the way F
  17. Hey folks, a quick update on the project status: sadly, there's now zero tracks from the Riders trilogy, so if you could help us to fill the gap, that would be very appreciated! Vocal tracks from these games are a little more prefered, since they would act nicely as an album opener. Here are some suggestions (note: some songs have multiple versions, it's fine to pick any of them): Sonic Speed Riders (Sonic Riders) Catch Me If You Can (Sonic Riders) / (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) Un-gravitify (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) / (Crush 40 version) Free (Sonic Free Riders) /
  18. This is beyond any levels of incredible, holy cow! I just LOVE this. I mean, I downloaded the track and then just listened to it 10 times in a row The intro is a little long in my opinion, but when it hits, it hits soooo hard. I... I don't even know where to begin. First of all, I'm not familiar with the original, but I can absolutely clearly feel the cartoon-ish evil/crazy/mad vibe going on, and it's simply adorable! The arrangement is top-notch too - there's plenty of variety, never becomes boring for even a second. The diverse instrumentation is also worth mentioning, I guess. I've always
  19. So I figured it's been a long time since I posted anything here, and I think it's a good time for some kind of update! First of all, the progress is being made. In fact, two tracks are nearly completed aside from a few final touches and mastering! Second, a couple of tracks got dropped since the last post, but we've also got a new remixer to balance the things a bit - @Jamphibious grabbed Sonic 3 a few days ago! The project has finally got a sound engineer - @Chimpazilla was kind enough to handle the mastering, and I'm really thankful for that My good friend Flan ag
  20. Very well done, good sir! I'm a huge sucker for melancholic rock ballads like this one, so you have my praise here for sure! The acoustic guitar in the first part is stunningly beautiful, so mad props to SirCorn for that! And hey, those drums are great too! And mellotrons! And organs! Boy, this is an absolute win! I can definitely hear the "Passing of Blue Crown" influence, but I was also reminded of another track from OCR - "Devotio Aeternus", to be precise. Especially thanks to the moment at 4:22 - that was good! And I also dig what you did at 3:51 - that's some nice soloing! Fantastic work
  21. Another OCR veteran joins the project! @Jivemaster has claimed Spring Yard Course from Sonic Drift! Welcome!
  22. We've finally got some Drift representation thanks to @Sir_NutS who's gonna give Hill Top from Sonic Drift 2 a try! Welcome!
  23. After a bit of silence, I've finally got some stuff to say: First and foremost, we've got yet another claim! @begoma has taken "Desert Palace Zone" from Sonic 3 - really glad to see more people on board! Welcome, man! Sadly, another claim was dropped, so Sonic R is now available again! We've also got our first few WIPs and I'm super excited about that! Let's get going, guys EDIT: Looks like we've got R action back! @PirateCrab is gonna give the classic "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" a try! Welcome to the project!
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