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Metroid (Ridley Tribute)

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Who wouldn't want hear an orchestral arrangement of the many themes of Ridley throughout the series.

Have it start out low and slow with the creepy Ridley's Lair from the original Metroid. Then it picks up in speed and power with Lower Norfair. Finally have it build up to the climax ending with Ridley's Big Boss Confrontation.

Whoever would do this would be one of the rare people to touch on Ridley's Lair, a song that's rarely touched besides Zero Mission and Metroid Metal.

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Yeah, Ridley's Lair isn't a very remixed tune. It must be because the track is very repetitive and not very melodic (compared to Kraid's Lair).

But the idea of a Ridley orchestral tribute would be great. Very good idea!

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Take a listen to

, and in particular the bit starting with 13:20-14:20 (unfortunately this performance doesn't bring out the freaky low string sounds early on).

It just feels like there's room to do something here.

Unfortunately, you might need to be Jean Sibelius to figure it out. Is there some other theme that could complement it? Something that could go in the foreground with this in the background?

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