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I've talked about it, I've built it up, now here it is


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The trailer for Population 2:


This is the film I wrote the concept for, story edited the final script, and produced. The writing process began three years ago. Now we're seeing it barrel towards a release date. The director was the amazing Gil Luna and the director of photography the very experienced Kenneth Luba.

OCRemix artist Nicole Adams will be providing some of the final music for the feature.

Feedback is very welcome.

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Thanks for the feedback! The actors were fabulous. Really got into their roles. They had trouble sometimes decompressing after the roles. The actress especially really let the part take her over.

The music in this trailer is by French composer Edouard Brenneisen. Nicole currently has done music for one of our behind-the-scenes features and will be doing at least one song for the final cut, though we haven't figured out which scene we want her to look at, yet.

Behind the scenes (music by nicole):


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Thanks, guys, for watching!

The release date is sometime by the end of Fall. From what I've been seeing out of the editing room, I would suspect a late September release. You never know quite for sure in the film world... sometimes things change in such drastic ways that release dates can be completely over-ridden... however, I can't see this getting put off longer than October.

Our distribution plan isn't set in stone yet. Local theatres (Portland, OR) are a given, as is some form of DVD offering. However, whether we DVD distribute ourselves or through a company is unknown. There's also a group in London that is interested in maybe purchasing distribution rights to either this or Moon Tribe Studio's other film, The Bobbsey Twins go to Hell.

Two things might affect our chances at distribution. One, we will definitely be submitting to film festivals. If it does well there, that often can lead to deals for distribution. The other thing is that, in October, we are part of a contest that (if we win) will get us $250,000 to make another film. This could also affect distribution.

The final thing is that we've been offered a chance to make a third film already, with full funding. We're working out the details, but it would have a budget of somewhere between 50,000 and 300,000. Depending on the buzz and the backers that get behind that, we may negotiate a distribution deal for Population 2 as part of the package.

Thanks again for the interest!

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