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Feedback needed for young compositions !


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I'm a little confused as to how original the battle theme is.

It's great and clearly inspired by the final fantasy series. The overall sound isn't amazing and it sounds like it's peaking at times (around 1:37) but I could be mistaken!

So this is using the melodies of the game, but the game isn't out yet?... but the arrangement and rest of the song etc. are original?

I agree with one of the youtube comments that it sounds more like a boss battle than the usual battle theme that would occur every time you battle. It's far too grandiose for that.

But this is really good original work, keep it up!

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Thanks for the feedback. Ah, it may be peaking at times... I've worked hard on it this time though, but I still have troubles with mixing and masterising properly. x]

Also, I only used a part of the main melody of "Somnus", a song featured in the trailer of FFvsXIII, and I wrote everything else around it.

Shimomura's style [Kingdom Hearts series] is pretty epic when it comes to battle themes, and I just imagined it as a battle theme in general, not thinking about it being a boss/normal, etc. But I'll be careful about not "exaggerating" when it comes to normal battles next time ! =3

More importantly, I'll try to work on my own battle theme style. x]

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