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Almost finished with a Mass Effect remix...are vocals allowed?


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Howdy everyone. I know I'm a newb here on the sight, but I've owned and operated my own recording studio for several years now.

As I've currently finished all of my instrumentation for my Remix, I'm currently in the process of drum tracking (I play the drums!) for the song but was wondering what the guidelines would be for including a vocal line in my Remix?

I know that there are NO vocals in the Mass Effect OST (save for the M4 Part 2 song by Faunts at the end), so would writing / recording vocals for my remix be considered "too original"? The lyrics would revolve around material / events that occurred within the first game.

Let me know your thoughts guys, as I"m super pumped to finish this remix. I've been overly happy with it, and I would love to add vocals!


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