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Phoenix Wright piano medley


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Not gonna listen to source despite your neat and organized listing of them. :P Too many. :banghead:

Piano seems a lot more distant than the epiano, an annoying disparity you should probably fix. Same with the bells, whatever they are. For most of the track, it doesn't feel like the louder, forte notes (on the regular piano) are justified. Most of them anyway.

1:20 - I know that melody! :D

circa 2:15 - some timing issues.

2:20 - ARGHLOUD! note.

Cool, but needs more balance. Also, less ARGHLOUD! stuff. :P

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@ Rozovian: Thanks for feedback. Glad the issues are things that I can sort out relatively easily. I was worried that the song was too short for all those sources but it works out i guess.

@ neblix: I see what your saying lol. Thats the turnabout sisters theme though. Didnt even notice they started with basically the same notes till you said that...

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I'm still feeling like the e-piano is a bit too loud most of the time, though the sounds are pretty well chosen. Arrangement tends to feel a little plodding, like there's not really much of a structure/sense of direction to it. I personally don't mind, but it's something the judges will probably knock you for. The performance isn't the best either, I'm noticing a lot of mistimed notes throughout the song, most noticeably during the Turnabout Sisters section, where the theme just feels pretty sloppy :-( Last bit of critique, you're getting a LOT of background buzzing feedback from something in the setup... unfortunately, due to how you use silence in your arrangement (which is a pretty well-executed technique) it really feels like a bit of a dealbreaker :-(

To sum it up, some very cool takes on certain themes, great soundscape/sound choices, and overall an interesting and mostly enjoyable listen, but I'm not really feeling like this would fare well on the judge's panel. Sorry.

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