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OCR Chess League October Tournament


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Hello fellow chess-players! This thread marks the return of OCRCL. The tournament will run from October 1-31.

Register by posting in here.

Format of the Tournament

Round robin in groups of 4 or 5, depending on the number of participants.

Format of the Matches

We will use standard Yahoo! Chess (other suggestions are welcome). Players can talk about which room to use. In the past we have traditionally used Advanced -> Advanced Lounge 6 or 7.

Rules: 15 minute timers with 10 seconds added per move.

PLAY EACH OPPONENT TWICE PER MATCH. Once as White and another as Black.


A win = 2 points, tie = 1 point, loss = 0 points. The top two players from each pool will be placed in a single/double (depends on # again) elimination bracket.


Both players in a match need to report the results of the match in this thread.


I will try to update a graphic table as often as possible to display the current standings. That table will always be in this post but I will also post it at the end of the thread as well.

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@Horseboy: Yes.

@Everyone: Sorry I've been MIA for two weeks. But between school and getting sick I haven't been able to get on for a while.

I'll just type up a simple table for now until I find a few minutes to make that graphic. But we'll have round-robin for one and a half weeks and then a single elimination in the final week.

Everyone play everyone else twice (once as white and once as black) on your the website of your choice. Report the results for each game in this thread.

Generally we use AIM to setup match times as it's more efficient than PMing but you can do either or both.

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