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Phantasy Star Online 2


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Thanks for the update, Moomba. Even though it's further off than I was hoping for, at least there's a plan for international release. I was starting to think they scrapped it.

Anyway, I've been playing a Hunter and just started on Force. If anyone wants to do some quests, send me a PM.

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I finally got going a bit in the Japanese version. I'm not sure what to think of it, I can't call it outright fun...but I haven't stopped playing it for the last three days after switching ships (deleted my character on Ship 9 to move to 10).

Unfortunately they're having another long maintenance right now and it's going to patch so I won't be playing again for a bit.

If anyone is curious of the English communities in case you wanted to join they are:

Ship 2, blocks 20-22,30 biggest community

Ship 10, block 20 (and I guess higher?) second biggest

But sadly character creation is locked on ships 1-5, and 10 for now so unless you want to wait a bit, you'll have to gamble on one of the "other" ships. I know there were English users on 9 before I moved.

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Edit: The above link isn't the greatest, so the next best source for info is of course PSO-world: http://www.pso-world.com/


Anyone else super stoked about this? There is a ton of gameplay vids on youtube and I gotta say this game looks sooo nice. Looks like it took the few good parts from PSU and mashed it with the good parts of PSO and BAM! PSO2!

The release for US and Europe is still set for "early 2013" soooo hopefully that's soon :)

Anyway, thoughts, comments, let's hear them. PSO2 ftw!

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I may not end up playing this title a whole lot, actually. A lot of things that are exclusive to premium members sound like the kind of stuff that should be available to all players. Player-to-player trading and additional skill trees notably. I'm also very turned off at how you can only make one character, and then if you buy a character slot and then delete that character, you have to re-buy the character slot to make another character.

I'm cool with paying for clothes and cosmetic stuff, but all of the above really shouldn't be stuff a player shouldn't have to pay a monthly fee for.

I guess we'll see how this all plays out on release. PSO was one of my favorite games ever, so I really want to be excited for this game, but from what I'm reading, it's probably going to disappoint me. :(

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I haven't played this in awhile, tried to update through the client yesterday and it wouldn't start. Having leveled to 30, I can say that it is the sequel to PSO you've always wanted. It's so nostalgic. I was hoping the English version would be out by now.

Here's a few screenshots of my time with the game.






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ohhh what? there's a monthly fee? and i gotta say the character slot deal sounds pretty bad as well... ugh... just what i needed to hear after getting re-excited again. I'll have to do some more research on that today

O.O Monthly fee? I hope not. There isn't one for the JP release. It's F2P, with a bunch of stuff you have to pay for (not necessary, but things like selling to other players and trading need you to pay). I just haven't played it since the beta because I don't understand Japanese.

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I've read there's an english patch you can get, and from the jive I hear over at PSO-world, many people are going to be sticking with the JP version because it's likely the US/EU version won't be supported very well. I'm not sure trading will affect me very much, seeing as the point of playing PSO, at least for me, was to farm for those special weapons and the excitement of finding them. Besides, the gameplay looks a hell of a lot better in PSO2. I might end up downloading the JP version and just getting the english patch. Although the patch doesn't translate everything, I think the game can still be pretty enjoyable.

All in all, I do wish that Sega would shed some light on whats happening with the release of the english version. There hasn't been a peep since they mentioned it the middle of 2012.

EDIT: ok, so i downloaded the JP version (it's free to play) and got the english patch for it. It doesn't change everything, maybe about 50% to english, but it's a darn fun game to play! There's tons you can do when playing for free. If you really like the game and wish to support it by buying more character slots or getting your personal room, you can do so. But the amount of stuff to do when there is no initial fee or monthly fee is amazing. Graphics are great, music is amazing, the gameplay is awesome, lots of weapon customization when considering how many different photon arts and combos you can use.... the list goes on. :)

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