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  1. I found this to be a really fun listen. Thanks. If you want to go a bit crazier, You should compare this remix to Chrono Trigger's end of time song. It almost sounds like you could sample it over this track (maybe even the Chrono trigger theme...?). Then again, I haven't really put in the effort to have any studio chops to do this, so what would I know. *shrug*
  2. Nope. I'd say watch a series or two like Log Horizon also, but other than that, I like to watch something that leaves me in a good mood. I get my depression from other sources.
  3. Around Oregon for me, just south of Salem.
  4. Moved Abadoss, linkspast and me backish. I think I got it right from what I remember.
  5. Little Mac? Wait a minute.... http://youtu.be/pPdutb_6DZU?t=1m52s *Looks at stage* Those sneaky nintendogs.
  6. Instructions are nice and clear on the website. All you need is a 2 GB or less SD card and you're golden. Delete any stage builder stages on the Wii (there will be a few the system installs when it first creates the Brawl save data if you haven't deleted those already). If there are any existing Brawl stage builder files on the SD card too, you need to get rid of those also. Extract hackless zip onto SD, plug SD into wii, Access stage builder, select "Launch game." If there are any issues, follow their instructions in case I missed something. If you still have issues, talk to them about it.
  7. Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary in English, I think) is seriously awesome, even with the main female lead being annoying sometimes. It's too bad the last episode is next week. ;_; Also, if you do watch the weird idol judge OVA things, skip the CG song part. Your life will be better for it.
  8. I'll join either. Not exactly spectacular, but I do play suicidal on beat hazard. On Audiosurf, I usually play vegas, haven't played much elite.
  9. I'm waiting to play until my sister in college is done with finals. We've played Terraria so much together, and we're hoping that this will carry the fun even further (not that Terraria goes away, mind you).
  10. If you haven't played them already, you should really consider the Castlevania titles for DS. Order of Ecclesia is amazing, Portrait of Ruin is fun (albeit hard; some bosses are giant pains), and Dawn of Sorrow wasn't as good as I hoped it would be (not a fan of the change in art style between games, too). It's not too bad, though.
  11. There's no way to tell it to send it out the AV cable like PS3? If not, that's too bad.
  12. Koriantor already hit me with Skyrim. Thanks a lot! I guess I better start figuring out what to give to my recipient. The next month is almost here.
  13. Next week on Thursday in the US, so that would be the 28th. It's always the 4th Thursday in the month.
  14. Kingdom Hearts. Start with that one. But if you want an actual FF (sort of suggested KH jokingly, but it wouldn't be bad to play), I do like FF IV a lot. I enjoyed the DS remake a lot, still haven't gone through the final dungeon to beat the final boss, though. Be prepared for jumps in difficulty near the end if you don't grind much. It's not too horrible, though. Honestly, though, as long as you choose a good one, you won't be disappointed. Avoid XIII.
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