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  1. Finally opened my special edition the other day. The art book is actually really cool. It's full size this time. I'm about 8 hours in now. Still relatively early, but I'm loving it. Friend Code is 3050 7587 3777. I added Callas. Anyone else want to be friends just let me know. I never finished BD, but I have a feeling I will finish this one. My favorite part is how easy and painless grinding is now. You can set your attacks to auto execute and then encounters to +100% and stand right next to the Adventurer that will heal your whole party. It's awesome. Also love how you can primarily fight just using your left hand with the D-pad and left trigger to confirm choices.
  2. Has anyone experienced any motion sickness while playing Killzone SF? I was watching my brother play it and got very nauseous. I've never had that from any FPS before. It might have been his 70+ inch television set, which in not used to. It was an odd experience.
  3. I'm on Diablos, PS3 version. Took me awhile to get used to the HUD and the interface. If I hadn't played FFXI on consoles, I would have been utterly lost.
  4. I don't want a mobile game. I would enjoy a Vita game though. Will reserve judgement to see how the actual game plays. Mobile typically infers some type of shallow micropayment in-app-purchase type game.
  5. I recently went back to this after stopping about 4 hours in. I just now unlocked a secondary party character and finished the first "trial". Really fun game, and I'm glad I started it back up.
  6. Get playstation plus if you haven't already.
  7. I'm to the point now that actually playing games is the least of how I interact with videogames. I read gaming news sites religiously, and follow the industry pretty closely. I used to listen to 10 or 15 gaming podcasts a week, but now I can't do that (new job). I very much love hearing passionate gamers talk about games. I think as I get older I need convincing that gaming is still relevant and exciting. These days I'm more excited that I got an awesome new shower head than all the E3 news this week. Yeah, I'm pretty jaded these days.
  8. Is there a way to make Risen appear on the map? Would love more random encounters, it seems pretty sparse.
  9. What exactly is there to do after you complete the campaign?
  10. It's a cool idea. I don't know how practical it is though. Like you said, it eliminates the need for expensive 3rd party equipment for recording gameplay, which is awesome. In the Halo series, it's a cool novelty to pick out your coolest kills and send them to friends. I think I only messed with it in Halo 3, and never since. Uncharted 2 had that broadcast trophies to your twitter feed thing, which it sounds sorta like one of the social features that will be implemented into the OS its self. I don't know if that's what I want from a system, but that's probably just me being an old man. The biggest game changer for me is being able to play something as soon as you start downloading.
  11. I haven't played this in awhile, tried to update through the client yesterday and it wouldn't start. Having leveled to 30, I can say that it is the sequel to PSO you've always wanted. It's so nostalgic. I was hoping the English version would be out by now. Here's a few screenshots of my time with the game.
  12. I'm really enjoying this game. I started about a month ago, the day they announced it was going F2P. So I'm a noob, but damn if i didn't get sucked in immediately. Combat's really fun. Historically I have only ever played warrior/sword class characters in games, but I'm really loving sorcerer. Plus, we got Tron mounts:
  13. OK, so why in the story scenes does every character's feet seem to be embedded in the ground? like their standing on their ankles, feet underground? Am I crazy or did anyone else notice?
  14. I'm on Tempest Reach. 26 Slayer, 35 Sorcerer. With my one hour 100% xp bonus I just gained 2 levels in an hour, neat.
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