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Megaman 8 Frost Man ~ Frosty Disco Mix

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Hey guys,

I did this remix and I was just wanted to know what you guys think about (eg. things I should improve etc.)

So yeah I finished it a while ago with FL Studio 9.


Its on youtube, but if you want it on a .mp3 hosting website I can do that.



Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u775jbml05zwan5/FrostyDiscoNoCutOff.mp3

(First post so sorry if I missed anything out)

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I personally think the delay on the bass is a little excessive, and on that low note, it feels slightly off-key. Something dry to keep it company would have been nice. Seems to clip a little on my end, too, but it might be youtube's fault. Loving the leads. Would kill for some slap.

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Wooo!! *dances, jumps, pops*

I love this one! It really makes me enter an icy discothèque featuring an ice rink, crystal shaped lights, snowflake effects on the walls, etc etc...

I specially love the sidechain, it really drives the track and adds some dynamics to it. I like your choice of synths as well. Nice drums sequencing, nice groove, nice variations!

On the other side, I think there's too much reverb on that bassy synth. The 2nd time the cymbal loop comes it's already old, so maybe you could try something else for the transition. Lead synths are a tad loud, and sometimes they 'jump out' of the soundscape. Snare from 2:06-2:08 seems bugged ;P. And I hear some clipping as well.

So, keep it up, it's very cool... I mean, cold! XD

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