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Help Me Establish a Nice Sound Library!


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Are you partial to a specific genre and are we talking free or premium libraries and samples?

I'm far from creating a great mix, but I know some libraries that I think are ultra coolio. If you like Electronic/Trance, Nexus and Vanguard are awesome. If your budget is restricted, Camel Audio has some nice stuff but I find the variety a little lacking.

There's a ton of free suggestions in this thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4556

Library building takes patience IMO :P

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There's a free VSTi synth out there called Oatmeal that has a randomization function in it, which basically leads to near-infinite presets. It's got some decent sounds and I've used it to make Metroid-y synths to pretty good effect. Check it out, although I really would recommend learning some stuff about synthesis. 99% of the sounds you are trying to recreate weren't made with samples, but were synthesized from scratch, so you'll have better results learning how that was done.

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