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Resident Evil 5 - Majini ix - In Flames


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Huge BioHazard game and music fan here! ;)

This one is excellent. Reminds me of that infamous cargo-holds battle with 2 gatling gun majinis, multiple Reapers and the armada of assault-rifle majinis. :D

Saying that RE5 has a stunning score would be an understatement, with gems like Assault Fire, Sad but True and of course Wind of Madness.

Though at this point, I'm not sure exactly what amount of talent or what kind of expensive sound libraries it would take to remix these honestly...

But I strongly support the idea, as there aren't many RE mixes out there (and I'm also working on changing that).

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On 9/27/2010 at 8:23 PM, Anti-Syne said:

So i recently played through this game again and this track was the main one that caught my attention.


(even if you haven't played RE5 i'd recommend giving it a listen)

Are there any other fans of this track that would be willing to try remixing it?

Actually I'm playing Resident Evil 5 and I love this theme too. It's combine very good with the action of some parts. I demand a remix too ?

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