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Last Ninja, The Wastelands - 80's Spacesynth Mix


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Holy 80s Hell! Where are my acid wash jeans? This is radical!

Percussion = awesome groove and simple. All those toms and snares... jesus. Oh and the claps!!!! The 80s fashion claps!!!

The only thing that I didn't like was the synth lead choice at 1:04. It doesn't sound very 80s, more like bad digital subtractive synth. Almost nintendo bad, but not quite bad enough. If you pushed an FM synth (Think DX7) there, it would mix well with the more appropriate subtractive stuff you're using now.

By 2:00 you have completely won me over. Do you listen to Chromeo or MSTRCRFT?


(wait for 30 seconds in for the synth break)



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