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Since it came out I've ALWAYS wanted to try remixing Zircon's "Just Hold On!"


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I've listened to a bunch of other remixes so get a good idea of what I wanted to do, and I ended up going a mellow route. I love the original so much...

Here ya go: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/sjxw

(Link is not stable since I am constantly updating it; if link is not here check back in a few minutes)


Still trying to figure out what to do, but I think I know where to take it now. You can hear the start of that. Bass is WAAAY over there --> at the end because when I'm working on a segment, if something conflicts with what I'm doing, I just push it off to the side until I'm finished with it. In this case, I'm working on the arp.

Made some artwork, which reveals the official name of the mix:


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Well I'm jealous you get to work with a vocal track. Would be nice if we had wives to sing for our mixes too, eh?

But uh, your mix was enjoyable. The sidechained high pitched thing does kind of draw attention to itself as odd, but I could chill to this. That's all the feedback I'll give because I'm very much new to electronic music and OCR.

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Very solid mix. EQing is good, all the instruments mesh well, and the arrangement is nice. I've just got a few suggestions:

  • As modus said, the sidechained pads (and the pads in the beginning) are a little bit distracting. Maybe drop them an octave, or use some surgical EQ to take out some of the really loud frequencies.
  • The hi hat pattern, while cool, was also kind of distracting. I'd say, keep it in the offbeat pattern for eight bars or so, and then resolve it into a typical trance pattern.
  • Maybe mess with the vocals a bit? They kind of carry the whole track, but there's nothing different the second time through.

Other than that, spot on remix. :)

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