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OCR pumpkin-carving competition


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Let's have one.

Simple rules should do.

a) Carve (or co-carve) a pumpkin.

2) Do it this month.

zed) PM me one-two photos (of the pumpkin) by Weds, 27 Oct.

I'll post the photos anonymously in the am of the 28th, and we'll vote 28-30 Oct and declare a winner in time for Halloween.

Of course, if you'd rather say 'eff that' to the competition and simply post pics in the thread, that's cool too.

Posting now to give procrastinators plenty of time to procrastinate. And to build the hype.

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Hell yeah pumpkin-decorating is kosher.

BTW: if the whole PM/anon thing is a turnoff, please speak up. I thought that running this like the art compo would be a good way about it, but ultimately the goal is to roust this place a bit and do some pumpkining/seasony stuff. So if folks are 'I would but mehhhhh hoopla and voting and crap, no thanks', then we'll adjust the plan.

Sticking with what we have for now, of course, so this isn't some wishy-washy bs, but if you all want to be more casual about it then shoot. We can do whatev.

I'm made out of laffy taffy.

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