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Every few years or so I decide to revamp my music site... mainly because I keep getting better at site design and programming. Those who follow have seen that it was "coming soon" for a while there in 2010; well consider the revamp finished and online!


Lots of new goodies since the last incarnation; classic features like "compare to the original" are in place, but new ones like "The Mazedude News" and groovy social networking have been added as well. And of course, hours of music to enjoy.

Had to put this puppy together in bits and pieces, so feel free to e-mail me if you see any typos, broken links, etc. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy the tunes!

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Sharp. That "compare to the original" feature is going to be getting some use.

Small thing I noticed: there isn't a page title. The tab/bookmark title just shows the url. Speaking of bookmarks, you could also add details into the bookmark description. Just pointing them out in case you hadn't noticed and would want to edit them.

Pseudo-edit... I noticed that the following remixes didn't have an original: Coffee With The Crows, The Wily Malfunction, Lounge Lemmings, Homestar's Mystic Quest, and Mazedude's Kitchen. Also, the following remixes had "OCR Comments" instead of "OCR": The Wily Malfunction and Lounge Lemmings. Noticed these partway through so I did a quick check on the rest; those are all I found.

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