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  1. Well, maybe one of these days when I get a new machine up and running, I'll get back on and play with you guys. But as it is, on this crappy Inspiron Zino, no TF2 for me
  2. Oh hell fucking yes!!!! It's about time, I've been dying to hear some Crash Bandicoot remixes. Rexy! Do "Bandicoot" (Sewer or Later) from "Cortex Strikes Back!" next
  3. And yet it's kind of strange how several of the Mavericks from X5 ended up named after the band members of Guns N' Roses.
  4. Joel Zimmerman is always on a rant about one thing or another, whether it's his hatred for Dubstep, the reason why he signed Skrillex to his label, or a myriad of other random things, all I know is, the dude is freakin' cool. Back to the dubstep rant though...he has every right to hate on the genre...he thinks artists cop out doing dubstep...that didn't stop him from making the original version of Raise Your Weapon from 4x4=12 a badass dubstep song.. Rant on Deadmau5!!!
  5. I've been listening to WIP's of this track as well as another of his tracks for this project since he got onto the Wild ARMs project, the development of this track actually hasn't changed all that much since the beginning. He knew how he wanted it to sound. Theophany has developed very much as an artist since this project started. Another ReMix on this project. "You Are [Not] Defeated" was in the beginning stages a ReMix that I had wanted to do. But I had no concept at that time of what it actually took to remix a video game song. So I began to look outside the box for someone that would be willing to work with me on a collab. I approached Theophany because I liked his work. During the subsequent two years since I brought him on to the project. I watched his growth personally as I got to be one of the first people other than Jade to listen to his work. Products far better than the original. Striving to do the most difficult sources in the soundtrack, Theophany has persevered not only as a ReMixer but as an artist! I am glad to have gotten to know him these last two years, and call him friend. There is another person here I have gotten to know during the production of this project, and I am glad to call her friend as well. She knows who she is
  6. Just wanted to say kudos to all of the fantastic artists that contributed to this album, it is by far my favorite remix album on the site. I've been following this project since it's resurgence back in 2009, and even though I've been on extended hiatus due to some terrible personal choices back in the middle of 2010, have managed to keep tabs on this album since then. I'm glad to see it finally come to fruition, and although my original plan of coremixing a track with one of the remixers who now has several tracks on the album. I am glad that I at least gave him the inspiration to persevere on the track that would have been ours and continued on to create excellent remixes not only for this album but for others as well. Great Job OverClocked ReMix!
  7. Hey Prophet...I'd like to put up something for sale, my partner is getting me a 3DS for Christmas, so I'd like to put my DS Lite up for sale, it's the solid pink version, comes with the charger and original stylus. And also, for NES fans, I have a copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 that I found in my parents garage. It's from my collection of games from before I sold my NES and I know it still works. I'm looking for about $50 on the DSLite and maybe $10 for SMB2. Oh, and remove my Suikoden/Suikoden II post from the for sale, I haven't had those games since March >.> I think that just shows that I need to start lurking again.
  8. Hi, thought I'd pop in and ask...are there going to be physical copies of this album made, or is it strictly going to be a digital release? I just wanted to get that out there because I'd like to get my hands on one of the physical copies if there are going to be any seeing as how my iPod is likely going to be inoperable soon...if donations are necessary, I'll see if I can't scrounge up a little bit of money to put towards the release. Just lemme know...I'm still around...just not as much as I used to be
  9. Yay, it's like an early Xmas present...I so happy!
  10. Hey, did you ever get David his money?

  11. OMG guys, I've been checking back up on this, but haven't been around OCR in a while, glad to see that the project is coming together so well
  12. I'm just happy for the possibility that Nintendo will come back from their shortcomings, I'm not suggesting that they have produced bad games, or bad systems, but with the Wii being thoroughly behind the other two gaming manufacturers in terms of power and online functionality, a new system may just be the spark that reignites Nintendo's flame. I'm not going to lie, the Wii sucks, and the only thing that influenced my purchase of the mundane system was the want to play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and the anticipated loss of my Gamecube system, which began having lagging problems several months ago and is still in the lengthy process of dying. I've read several negative reviews of Metroid: Other M, but I still plan on playing it since I have never discovered a Metroid title I didn't like(except Metroid 1{thank you god for Zero Mission}) and I only hated that one due to the lack of certain staple features that became existent in the following sequels. I've also had lots of experience playing Brawl and I actually enjoy the game. It's definitely not as good as Melee(although certain characters play much better) and part of it seemed a lackluster copy of the previous game. The Wii does have it's strong points. I loved Super Mario Galaxy, it was probably the most fun I've had on the system(my dad bought his whenever it came out and I spent the rest of my Xmas holiday beating the game) and the inclusion of motion controlled gaming(the gimmick if you will) was a staple in a new direction of gaming. (Sony and Microsoft would not have come out with Move and Kinect if the motion aspect weren't a competitor.) It also gears the games to a different audience. Namely casual gamers who don't like the idea of sitting on the couch all day with a controller in their hand snacking on potato chips, eating pizza and drinking Coke, but would rather play a game that gets them doing some sort of physical activity. I would say I am more of a hardcore gamer, mainly retro gaming, but I even like the aspect of games that get you exercising, it's a different kind of fun. (albeit, DDR didn't premiere on the Wii, and that's the game I'm actually referring to >.<) But Nintendo has made a fortune off the casual market alone. I haven't played Donkey Kong Country Returns, but I plan to because I absolutely loved(and still own) the first three DKC games. Another bone I have to pick with people who incessantly bitch about how bad Nintendo is are people who play the Zelda titles, then say they are exactly the same. Not entirely, I think the Zelda titles that were the closest in relation or being exactly alike were Zelda 1, Link to the Past, and Link's Awakening. Yes, the storyline is exactly the same, but the title of the game isn't plainly "Zelda." It's "The LEGEND of Zelda." Chronologically, many legends and myths evolve over time and take on many different forms. Each release of Zelda could be seen as a different re-telling of the Legend. And each game is different in some aspect. Zelda II was an RPG, Link to the Past returned to the same system that Zelda 1 used, but came up with more creative items, and had a much better story, and it even (albeit limited) featured the optional changes in the ordering of the castles, allowing you to choose a different path if you wanted to. Link's Awakening brought about a semi-platformer aspect with the ability to jump(not to mention I love the Mario cameos). Ocarina of Time was fully 3D, included lots of chances for exploration, added new races to the game(the Kokiri, the Goron's, and the Gerudo) had an excellent story, was fully functional, and also had the most castles out of any Zelda title(counting Ice Cavern and Within the Well,) Brought Zelda out of her shell and actually made her an integral character and guide, and allowed Link to time travel, giving you a look into his life, both past and future. Majora's mask was about the same, although I'll admit, having to actually play the game as one of each race, not to mention the difficulty of the game itself(and I love seeing Koume and Kotake on the good side ) made it a fun experience too. Windwaker...wasn't really my favorite game...I like the alternate reality aspect of it, and the sailing wasn't so bad, and the castles were...creative...the gameplay was probably the only winner for me, It just loses it's luster about the time you recharge the Master Sword and have to go out and find the pieces of the Triforce of Courage before going to Ganon's Tower(I will admit I did like seeing Moblins again). Twilight Princess is probably my favorite Zelda second to Ocarina of Time, it's clean, it was inventive and fun, it was also dark. I about shit my pants the first time I saw a Skulltula in Twilight Princess, not to mention the redesign of the Poes and Redeads. And Link's transformation into the wolf. At first glance I was a bit skeptical of Wolf Link, but I came to like the controls, and Midna is far less annoying as a guide compared to a couple of flying orbs I can think of in previous titles. The complete lack of any magic power(exception Dominion Rod) actually makes the game a bit harder(not to mention the lengthy sidequests) in my opinion Twilight Princess was extremely well thought out, and I look forward to playing it again in it's entirety once I'm finished with Prime 3. (On a side-note, I actually prefer the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess, as the controls are far less clunky.) Anyway, enough about Zelda. Back to Nintendo, they may not be the breadwinners of the gaming industry, but they are most definitely innovative. I guarantee that it won't be long until Sony and Microsoft jump on the 3D bandwagon either, especially if the popularity of the 3DS begins to surge once more games come out for it. And if Nintendo does come out with a new console next year, well, I look forward to seeing what they can come up with this time. They've had a lot of time to think on the flaws of their last system, so I don't really think they're quite done yet. Innovation is part of their game. There was a lot of excitement before the Wii came out(namely when it was still tagged "Revolution") and while a lot of fans were sorely disappointed within the subsequent years, I still expect to see a lot of excitement for the Wii 2, or Nintendo HD, whatever you want to call it, especially as specs and game titles become readily available leading up to the release. Nintendo may be outdone, outshined, and outplayed when it comes to technology, but when it comes to making cold hard cash, well, the numbers reflect who's been winning in that category.
  13. Oh, god, that game made me want to tear my hair out. And it was the first Bubsy title I had ever played...I can't play the first two now because of it. I would also say that Legaia 2: Duel Saga was absolutely terrible Mega Man X5-8 were terrible compared to the first 4, but I think Mega Man X6 holds the title for the worst of the series, followed closely by X7. I did like Command Mission though. I liked Sonic Adventure, especially the Sonic stages, but Adventure 2 was extremely bad. LoZ: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks both! I loved WindWaker, but the two subsequent games were some of the biggest piles of crap I have ever laid my hands on. I think the controls were the worst...ugh. Suikoden 3, 4, tactics, and 5: Suikoden 1 and 2 were awesome, amazing experiences, and had wonderful gameplay. But three and subsequent not only removed the ability to roam around freely throughout the world, they also(3 and tactics) took away the ability to control when and where you could pick up respective characters. Oh, and 3 was extremely bad...you couldn't even play the Hero as a main character...he was a side character and you played three seperate entities surrounding him. I will admit Tierkreis wasn't half bad though...other than the lack of control and more linear gameplay. Any Dance Dance Revolution title past Extreme 2: still worth having, but it's bullshit having to play through a selection of "mainstream" music before you get to the good ole Japanese stuff. And that's my rant on the subject
  14. I agree, I also had and played the first three religiously whenever I had my SNES, I was also fortunate enough to get X4 for my Playstation on my ninth birthday. I was never exposed to 5,6,7, or 8 until I bought my PS2 and got X Collection, it was after that that I began to track down the remaining games in the series, and since lost interest in them. I still only play 1-4 on occasion.
  15. You might check your Audiosurf scores too bud, I think I've done beat every one of your scores on all of your songs that you've played...and I somehow beat your Ninja score on Revolution...that song is sick on Audiosurf!
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