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Appreciation of VG Music 2: Game Boy

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This is the craziest song I've ever heard in an actual gameboy game as far as use of the soundchip.


it's from a game called "drymouth"

sounds like lsdj really. but before that came along, hardly any composer bothered to do this crazy wave channel stuff (which has become kind of a standard by now). so yeah, this definitely was ahead of its time.

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I just remembered Pokémon Pinball! My favourite tracks from that game actually came from other places:


(Ecruteak City. This theme actually debuted in Pinball, not GS.)

-Blue Field ~ Catch'em and Evolve (Pokémon Anime, Original Japanese Opening. You should've seen my surprise when I first heard that Japanese theme)

-Red Field ~ Catch'em and Evolve (RBY Bicycle Theme)

-Seel Stage (RBY Surf theme)

Also, I couldn't help but notice the absence of Tetris, the quintessential Game Boy game.

for everyone!
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Here's another fun one from Super Mario Land 2 - Athletic!


And Tetris Attack from the GB!











Metroid 2 is an oft forgotten game. Its music is thus also forgotten in the scheme of things as well.

I know Emperor Charlemagne touched on it, Lufia: The Legend Returns does have the music thing going for it for a GBC game:

(Boss in this video is actually Battle #2 from Lufia 2, not from this game...)


I'd link more music from Lufia, but I can't really seem to find much on YouTube.

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Metroid 2 is an oft forgotten game. Its music is thus also forgotten in the scheme of themesas well.


I can't believe I forgot Metroid II, I love that game! And the ending credits...

Also, a track from Wily's Revenge that I had forgotten to post: The


Best "menu" track ever.

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