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Mario Golf - Putts' Theme Electro/Dance


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Hey all, been a few months since I posted anything but here's something I've had in my head for a while. It's a remix of

from Mario Golf on the GBC, a game I spent loads of time on many years ago, and it actually has a surprisingly good soundtrack for a golf game.

I've called my remix Clubhouse Electro, but I'm open to suggestions for a name. I was thinking of other golfing puns like "Fore on the Floor", but I'm sure someone can think of something better :tomatoface:

I've marked it as "finished", but I still think it needs some touching up. Just tell me what and where. Thanks!

EDIT: Chopped out some sections as per phantasia's advice, changed up some percussion and a few other subtle effects and tweaks. Changed to Mod Review.

EDIT2: Subbed version renamed Fore on the Floor

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00:00 - 00:20 good start... perhaps try do something a bit more interesting with the high-pad tho?

First swoosh - use something a bit lighter imo, it's a bit too dominant. Different swoosh.

00:30 - 01:00 is niiiice. Nice ambient-ish harmonies filling up the stereo space.

01:00 Like the entrance of a deeper base. Pecussion should be changed up here though I think. Make it more of a drop and less of the very high-end percussion.

01:35 i'd say remove this part as it merely makes the song more repetitive and it delays the crescendo which is already late as it is. I think the crescendo should be entered after the drop for a bigger effect.

02:18 - 02:34 remove this part too. Move directly into 02:34 after the crescendo before.

02:34 Use different percussion as this part is so different from the rest of the song and using the same percussion here kidna blurs the contrast.

Everything else is very good, you're onto something here. Ending and transition into ending was especially neat. Although that last swoosh felt kinda lost in the mix.

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Love it :-D No major complaints here, submit this and it should be an easy pass, even in light of the fact that it's pretty repetitive, you do enough to keep things varied and interesting. My only suggestion is to do something a bit more groovin' with the drums during the last repetition of the melody before the outro, the drumloop feels a bit boring compared to the rest of the song.

Otherwise, solid production, cool adaptation of a neat theme... this is very slick :-)

However, I have to warn you that if you refuse to name your song "Fore on the Floor," then this song will have no chance whatsoever of passing the judges panel and this remix will be terrible as a result :tomatoface::-P

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Hey Emunator, thanks for the quick feedback, and I'm glad you liked it! I've changed some of the percussion again - added some panned hats in the final melody section as well as changing the kick pattern in the lead-up, and some snare fill tweaks. Pretty minor changes but they add to it. I also panned the melody lines a bit farther apart so now they really stand out in the climax. Subbed version's here if you're curious: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/vizl

Oh, and I changed the name too, instantly rendering it 10x better :nicework:

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