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OCR02249 - *YES* Final Fantasy 9 'Weeping Shards' *RESUB*

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Arrangement of: [Crystal World] (Final Fantasy IX), [To the End of the Wilderness] (Wild Arms)

ReMixed by: Kenogu Labz (Nathan Armstrong)

User ID: 24234


This song is based off of one of the best themes in Final Fantasy IX: Crystal World. It's an eerie rendition of The Prelude, replete with some of the most haunting harp you'll ever hear. But the original song never pushed the original melody of The Prelude, so I decided to mix the two together, and this is what came out. The powerful melody of To the End of the Wilderness lends its motif's strength, as well. This is a tracked song, and the mood is rather dark and chilling, with brief flashes of uplifting emotion.

With this resubmission, many of the instruments have been balanced: leads now sound like leads, and the background fills its proper support role. The guitar has been withdrawn from the beginning of the mix for the most part, in favor of keeping the mood dark. To balance out the song's sections, the guitar section at the end has been lengthened; this also serves to help transition the guitar in more gently. Finally, the entire song's volume has been boosted to be audible at standard listening levels.

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Yes! So glad you stuck this one out so long, Nathan. The instruments sound much improved and the soundscape is cleaner. Though it could still use tweaking of mixing to improve the dynamics, I think this is definitely the best version so far and now over-the-bar. Here's hoping you pull that last YES.


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Where's the backwards notes?

That synth sounds like something from Jazz Jackrabbit, brings back memories.

On an interesting note, since I judged a pokemon gym remix before this, I keep hearing the gym theme in this, they actually fit together.

While I think the track starts deviating a lot from the source as things keep going, I'm happy to put this one through. Since we've had a remix in the past of the battle-results theme which was loosely based on the source (Climhazzard Rush), this one works on the same grounds. So YES

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