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Video Game Genres -- The Wheel


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So today, The Escapist posted up the Video Game Genre Wheel, a tool for better defining video game genres. So now shooters, brawlers, and fighting games can all be classified as "Action Conflict" games.

Do you think that this sort of system could help clarify genre (so that everything that has a gun in it is no longer classified as a shooter), or does it lack specificity, turning genre classification into broad strokes like with personality typing (which, while revealing, doesn't really define anything).

Could this same sort of system be applied to music? Genres are broken down into so many sub-genres, could a music wheel be used to reveal similarities in genres previously thought too different to be compatible? (Given this is OCR, I figured I should give the question a musical spin for further discussion).

Just curious.

The article is here for your enjoyment: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_283/8400-Introducing-The-Escapists-Genre-Wheel

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The VGGW is dumb if only because it creates generalizations rather than specifics on certain games. When I think SHMUPS I'm thinking Gradius, R-TYPE, Touhou Project and Cho Aniki. I wouldn't lump them with Batman Arkham Asylum, Castlevania: LoS, Bayonetta, and Splatterhouse just because they would all fall in "Action Conflict" games.

Also people have tried applying this to music, especially with the different varieties of Metal. Terrible idea as it just muddles everything for everyone searching for specific sound/music/band etc. When I'm trying to find something by Helloween I rather not suddenly get Linkin Park or Nickelback as a result of my searching just because they are better known to the ignorant masses. :<

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