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DKC3 GBA - Waterworld Remix


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I was fooling around in FL Studio and decided to cook this up. It's a soft, somber ambient remix of the underwater theme of the GBA port of DKC3.

I just made this without really cleaning it off, so don't expect perfection. At all.




Oh, and if you're wondering about the title, this song is a follow-up to another remix I made of Aquatic Ambience.

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You're on the right track. I'd have it progress a little bit faster. Personally, I've gotten sick of what's going on by the time it gets changed up.

The samples around 3:40 sound pretty fake, and I liked what you did with the tune in this little section better in the first version.

I like the bells, but maybe... more of them?

Keep it up.

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Okay, another update. I really need to slow down with these things.

First off, I cut about a minute of it to make it progress faster, and the tempo was slighty - EVER so slighty - raised. I added a few more bell sections and changed around one of the patterns. Also, the flute was changed into bells. I also reverted back to the original note pattern on the then-flute section. Also, at around 3:30, I changed the bell notes around. Bells, bells, bells.

Also, I'd like a suggestion for a title. For now, it's titled "Sudden Remergence", but if anyone has a better title, I'd like to hear it.


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