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  1. Super Metroid Bounty of a Brain - Big Giant Circles Super Metroid Zebes Rising - Ekaj Super Mario Bros. 3 Pipes - Seventh Epic Super_Mario_World_Monstrous_Turtles! - zircon Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Chemixtrixx - PrototypeRaptor Street FIghter 2 Clamato Fever - AE, Prozax HedgehogHeaven_03_Sadorf_AquaticProject - sadorf HedgehogHeaven_07_analoq_OilSpill - analoq <where'd you go btw? HedgehogHeaven_08_analoq_NextMyGeneration - analoq HedgehogHeaven_19_analoq_SonikCaves - analoq Super_Mario_World_2_Yoshi's_Island_Facing_Fears - Insert Rupee Chaos_Field_Knowing_Heart_Distant_Noise - Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_A_Path_to_Hyrule - ekaj sorry for the long one, it's actually much longer because I listen to OCR music everyday. and as a fun side note here are some more songs not from OCR but still very cool VGM. Powerglove - (Mario Minor, Storm Eagle, Vanquish the horrible night, etc.) Mega Driver - (Greenhill, Emerald Hill) LEAF XCEED - Death's Embrace <-- remember when boss music actually made you feel that the battle was epic, important and scary? BadAss album should do more like this
  2. great track I enjoyed it so much I didnt want to peel away from the music to write this. nice tidbits of the original strewn through out definitely has a spot on my HD.
  3. I liked it, though not as much as some of the other rock remixes here (Im looking at you Pipes by Seventh Epic) but none the less still a solid performance. now if WillRock or anyone else would do a solid heavy metal mix of the castle theme from chrono trigger (they'd be the first ones) I can die happy. keep up the good work
  4. I like that you held on to the 8bit-ness. I like remixes that I feel I can play the game to. the pace is excellent. while I wouldn't compare it to pendulum (they're a little more bassy) It is still a great track to reminisce to.
  5. thanks for the replies. now that i read my OP i realize I'm not specific! I was wondering who else might do music in that style. I have been trying to find other artists in that fashion, but I don't know the genre. If you listen to the songs I posted you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.
  6. Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound - Brandon Strader - Trapped - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02128/ analoq Sonik Caves http://ocremix.org/album/5/sonic-the-hedgehog-2-hedgehog-heaven Seventh Epic - Pipes - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02049/ and of course Powerglove and Megadriver So with those few in reference I like heavy guitar over hiphop/electronic beats. any others out there?
  7. I believe it did. knowing you only had 3 lives really amped up the effort one put forth to their videogame. I know I wasn't made of quarters as a kid and knowing I was one death away from going home forced me to get good, or else be bored the rest of the day. today's games have all but done away with 'lives' and I'm noticing that kids who play 'sans lives' aren't as good at those that did. I believe a healthy diet of saturday cartoons, (mighty max, action man, beast wars, tiny toon adventures, tazmania, x-men, batman, and spiderman) mountain dew and more logged hours at the arcade that my job, has really translated positively into today's gameplay. So sad for the Ipod, cell phone and disney channel driven kids of today.
  8. where some music from that? I know about the soundtrack and I'm sure it would be a task to try a remix, but since I lack the skillz to do one myself I humbly ask for some. UNIVERSE ENEMA!!!!! ps: skullmonkeys was a side scroller 2.5D platformer (similar to abes odysee) everything was claymation (just like clayfighters) and the game was awesome. you fart from the tube on the top of your head and burp as well. similar to boogerman in that respect. anyway it had good indie music that I believe is worthy of remix.
  9. i had to LMAO at this one. friggin tecmo bowl...... good take on this classic. it fits quite well
  10. I enjoyed it, but at 1:15 when the bass kicks in the whole volume drops way too low. it changes the flow for me. other than that it's a nice one, kind of an up-beat ambiance. i enjoyed the light bell during the piano bits, without it the piece would be boring.
  11. thick and evil just the way I like it. thank you for a different route on FF series, when I come across these they are usually orchestral and pretty. finally one I can say is BADASS not just artistic
  12. pull up a groove and get funky. I always did love the battle music. fantastic work. love the bassline and the sax.
  13. being that Im 23 and have played almost every game under the sun (thank you MAME and other Emu's) you come to recognize certain patterns and cliche's when it comes to new games. for example when I play a new game my brother always asks if I played it before because I can find the majority of secrets the first play through. with that said my point is; new video games have offered very little in the way of changing things up. the view points are almost always the same (3rd person, first or top-down) and the objectives are usually similar (find X many tokens, or kill X creatures then fight boss, rinse repeat) or in the case of FPS kill w/o being killed. this is why as an older (not much mind you) gamer, I tend to stay away from newer games and would prefer to kick my friends ass in some 2d fighters or scrolling beat em ups or even better shmups. the main focus today is multiplayer, rather than developing the game to break the mold on game play (cool cinematics and sequence driven movies don't count 'Ive played FFVIII before thank you') just try and take your 'skillz' from any of todays games and go see 'how high can you get' on donkey kong, or can you beat DoDonPachi in 1 quarter. the old games would rule todays kids because they didn't have the technology to make the game look awesome, so the company had to develop gameplay to keep us pumping quarters. old games = gameplay thought and creativity new games = shiny, good looking old motifs
  14. great work so far. keeping the main style till 2:00 is perfect, as after that if it reset to loop again i would've been bored. fantastic keep going!
  15. i would drop the ending, when you bring the sound back up the second time you should amp it up a little from there, the entire last 1/7 of the song it was boring. bust out with some heavy sounds that make one want to bob their head to it
  16. It sounds like you mixed Mega Man and Zelda together! If i heard this playing mega man i would never know it wasn't game music.
  17. the drums are quite nice, made me instantly think of The Blue Man Group. 1:31 is where i perked my ears up. wasn't into it until then. 0:48 break is nice as well, but play it more into the metal music. dont be afraid to get epic! the guitars didnt pop at me, they seemed just under the surface of this song. a song like this needs its guitars to have major presence. ok you see you're at a 6 and we need you at a 9 mmkay? the guitars should sound like the drums did. beefy and clear.
  18. liked it until1:48 then didnt notice anything till 3:20 at the game sfx (nice touch btw) i keep getting the "back up dancer" effect for most of your bass and deeper syths. they are pretty good, but songs like this tend to sound 1 sided because the entire track is backed up by ignorable sound. simply too repetative and long. experiment with the bass in the middle instead of disappearing and slowly climbing back up to what was a pretty mild pace to begin with.
  19. fantastic job. it all sounds very clear and the synth harmony isn't ear piercing thank you. I hate pokemon but have become ignorant of the pokemon music. I enjoyed this remix. what stuck out the most was your Ronald Jenkees-esque structure of the song. you were all over the scale and it had that feeling of structured chaos. on my playlist for sure.
  20. first thing to mind is a woman, perhaps a princess prancing in an open field, then for some reason fading into the center of a maze. i then laughed my ass off at my own joke because these lyrics fit both the song and the aforementioned scenery. from 1:17 - 1:34 lyrics: I just-got laid, i just-got laid, i want to tell the whole world--that, I just-got laid, i just-got laid, I want-to-tell the world. fit the lyrics into the music and you'll see what I mean.
  21. @Martin Penwald I agree about the 1:30 and 3:00 parts, Strange that it actually fits in the song. They dont feel out of place, just odd. as if our vigilante is suddenly peppy and "zippity do-da" i think that pace and feeling should've been dropped and gone back to that smooth badass feel. we seem to go from Michael Keaton\Christian Bale to Adam West, then settle on George Clooney.
  22. very much a "walking" theme. i can totally see the vigilante strolling down the side walk of his beloved city, cigarette lit with that classic stern yet melancholy look of "my woman just left me and yesterday 2 little girls were gunned down in cold blood. some days i ask my self 'Is it worth it?' hrmph, yeah... it's worth it." i enjoyed this one.
  23. theres that light, lofty and breezy feel of kirby, well done. I like the beginning and the bass at :22 reminds you that yeah he may be fluffy pliable and pink, but he'll also swallow your ass and possibly eat you, but will definitely use your carcass as weapon against your friends and to top it off, he'll steal your powers! wyaaaeehh! float on crazy marshmallow hoover powered poof ball!
  24. i definitely feel the epic battle at the end, i couldn't help but picture mario running up to the bridge the when the organ crescendo hits, and bowser rises to tower over him as only a true monolith could. I feel very much in his house
  25. "You're listening to "Demonic Conception" with Casey Kasem on cool 101.3, the wave. this song is dedicated to Barbara from John, I love you baby, come back to me." i asked myself "could i envision myself whipping the shit out of everything i could possibly come into contact with to this song?" no, too mellow. But i did hear Casey Kasem introduce it in the beginning. (in my head, not in the actual song)
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