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Live Performers offer and request thread

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I'm decent, but there are much better electric guitarrists around here than I.

However, my current guitar is caput, and I probably won't have my new one in hand for another month or so.


damn i have the same problem. well it's not completely kaput, but i need a full set of strings and i need to reset the floating trem (which is like a 6 hour process in one setting when done properly). i was actually gonna ask you if maybe you could provide some recordings to help me finish my FF7 track if needed as a last resort. but i guess i'll have to figure something else out :P

fancy guitar soundfont + guitar rig 2 here we go!

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The site is officially live lolgetit?, sans a style and a sophisticated search tool. However, it works for what it is right now, and over time I'll gradually add features as needed/wanted.

Search is simple: just type what you want in the box and hit enter. It will match for the exact term you type in, but not case-sensitive. Eventually I'll get a nice boolean-enabled search in there.

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