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Live Performers offer and request thread

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This thread is intended to match potential performers and mixers under one thread. Recently there have been several performers offering their services in various capacities. While this is noble and welcome, having several performers create their own threads for the topic might become not feasible.

Performers and mixers should post here to either offer their services or for the latter to look for live performers.

Edit: Thanks to Dhsu for starting and organizing the list below.


MrMagicHat (electric)

pingosimon (upright)

polar- (electric)

Prophet of Mephisto (electric, stringed)



Wallace Guyford


nodspaw51 (trombone)

Prophet of Mephisto (trumpet, trombone, tuba)




MagiNinja (Clarinet)

pingosimon (Clarinet)

Trenthian (Recorder (sopranino - tenor) and Clarinet)

Guitar (acoustic):

Geoffrey Taucer

Less Ashamed Of Self



Guy In Rubber Suit


Guitar (electric):



Geoffrey Taucer




Prophet of Mephisto (?)







Prophet of Mephisto



Keyboards: (Clavi, Rhodes, Organ, EP, Acoustic)



Prophet of Mephisto




Voice (male):


Hale-Bopp (tenor)

mythril nazgul (rap)

neminem (bass, baritone, tenor)

Less Ashamed Of Self (tenor?, rap, beatbox, scat)

Voice (female):

LuIzA (mezzo/soprano)


Trenthian (kazoo, spoons, jaw-harp)


LuIzA - Timeless Heart

Miku - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/mikuonpianomusic.htm

MrMagicHat - Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar

Prophet of Mephisto - http://www.soundclick.com/theprophetofmephisto

SILVERWOLF - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/silverwolf87music.htm

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I'm here to offer a variety of performance for whoever needs it.

:arrow: I personally can do anything on saxophone (I've got a soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass sax at my disposal). I can read just about anything you feed to me on paper or MIDI, i can lsiten and play out a solo on a different instrument if you recorded it and need it on a sax, and I can do improv over just about anything you've got. Understand - i was ranked first overall on alto and soprano sax for two years in the New York State School Music Association's ranking system for the allstate bands and stuff. trust me - i can handle anything you've got.

EDIT - sample available at www.soundclick.com/theprophetofmephisto. The song is called 'Legend of the Saxes'. There is also 'Canvas of Dreams'. Both of these songs are available at Veggiemix through my name there, 'The Prophet'.

:arrow: As well as this, i do bass guitar, string bass, some piano work, and some guitar work. I also sing anything from bass to tenor voice.

EDIT - now, I can do trumpet and trombone, some basic tuba.

EDIT 2 - add vocals in general, for male voice. I've got a pretty wide range. I recently acquired the equipment to record for voice, so add that in hurr.

EDIT 3 - Add in a little french horn, violin, clarinet, and flute. Hooray for instrumental teaching methods classes!

:arrow: I have a professional studio available for anyone who needs good recordings live of anything.

I've got a wide range of piano, vocal, and instrumental options available to me for anything needed. If you're an orchestral writer, there's a chance I can get the college orchestra or band to perform it and record it if it is good enough.

:arrow: I also do a wide range of effecting, remastering, etc. on Fruityloops. I've got available to me Reason, z3ta+, Acid...basically anything y'all need.

:arrow: I do a lot of composition too - if you're a performer and want a song in a certain style, i'll see what I can do for you.

EDIT3 - If you want examples of my composition, check out my soundclick site. its going to have the best showing of my talent, or check out my CD. both will have a good example of my compositional skills.

:arrow: I have several recordings showcasing different skills that I have that you can get from me if you ask. Just pm or im or email me and i'll get you mp3s.


A live sax part...sounds a hell of a lot better than any synthetic sax you can find.

The Prophet of Mephisto

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Awesome resources. By the way, like Mephisto above, it would be nice if everyone specified if they have good recording equiptment or not.

When I get a studio mic, i can offer rapping skills. I havent recorded a good rap in forever (Pheonix Down doesnt count cause that was shit)

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I'm usually willing to offer guitar parts where needed. I like to think it's at least semi-professionally done, and I'm improving every day.

My only requirement is I have to like the arrangement :P.

I like to think I'm getting somewhat decent at final production too, just listen to my latest releases for that. If you like my work and want me to help out, let me know.

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Hey, I've been playing piano for about 7 years, and I do live solo piano recordings every so often. I use my piano instructor's recording equipment for my recordings, which is almost studio quality. However, I can only do a recording every few months, so I'll have to have a substantial amount of remixes to perform before I can do it. Probably somewhere around 5-6 is a good amount.

I will only perform your piece if you have the sheet music with proper notation and dynamics, and a simple midi preview to go along with it.

I will also only perform it if it is a complex piece. If I think it to be too simple, I won't play it for you, sorry.

Don't worry about a piece being too complex. So long as you don't try to have my play 8 note chords with one hand at an insane tempo, I'll manage.

If I find a problem with your mix, I will contact you asking permission to fix or improve it.

Please take note that since I must have time to practice the pieces, and I won't perform them until I have a grouping of about 5-6 pieces that I can play well, and it may take quite a long time before I can get around to recording your piece (and I will usually have a remix of my own to perform while I'm doing the recording. So if I don't have my own remix to perform, you'll have to wait until I do, or until I decide to perform your piece regardless).

I specialize in classical style music from the classical and romantic periods, but I have had a little jazz experience. I will not perform abstract pieces unless I make an exception (which would be very rare).

Finally, here is a small sampling of some of my songs I recorded awhile ago. (sorry, I have to use soundclick to store my songs)


I hope I can be of service to you! PM me if you are interested.

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I play upright bass and violin. I can do quite a bit on the bass, anyhting plucked or bowed, people often mistake it for a cello.

I'm decent on violin, I can play easy leads or record backing strings.

Some of my reordings are at www.geocities.com/pingosimon

I rarely check the OCR forums, so if you want to get in touch with me, IM me a tpingosimon, or email pingosimon at hotmail

I can also record electric bass.

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I play guitar, irish whistle, and keyboards.

Acoustic guitar is my specialty. I'm very proficient at finger picking, especially that folky-country-type stuff (see my "Town Life" collab with djp). I'm okay but not spectacular at classical. And, of course, I can do plain ole' chord strumming just fine.

I can do electric guitar reasonably well. Either rythm or lead work is fine with me. I'm not all that great at high-speed shredding, but I can generally do more mellow melodic work pretty well.

I can also write a guitar part to go along with your mix.

In addition to guitars, I play irish whistles and keyboards.

On Irish whistle, I'm reasonably good. My whistle is a high D whistle, but unlike a pan flute, an Irish whistle can hit sharps/flats, so if your stuff is in another key I may still be able to play it (D and G are the easiest keys for me, though). I'll give pretty much anything a try. An irish whistle has about a 2 octave range. The lowest note I can hit is D one octave above middle C.

I have also now aquired a low whistle, which plays in the same key, but one octave lower. It sounds unbelievably sexy.

I'm planning on buying a lower whistle as well. I'll edit this post again once I have it.

Here's a list of what gear I have available:

-A Yamaha s03 keyboard synth (has pretty good piano patches)

-A Yamaha FG-80 steel-stringed acoustic guitar

-A Line6 Variax 300 steel-stringed acoustic modeling guitar

-A soundhole pickup

-A Shure SM57 microphone

-E-MU 1212m audiocard

-A Squier Standard Stratocaster electric guitar

-An SFX-02 Tweak Fuzz pedal

-Crate VTX15 electric guitar amp

-A Mackie 1202-VLZ mixer

-A Feadog high D irish whistle

-A Humphrey Journeyman high D irish whistle

-A Burke low D irish whistle

-A Chilean pan flute

For electric guitars, I generally use VST amp modelers (either Guitar Suite or Amplitube) rather than my real amp, as they usually sound much better.

I cannot read lead tabs or sheet music. I'll be learning the parts by ear.

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I can play classical guitar (like the sheet music & nylon string type) and I can also offer my vocal skills.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that includes singing, rapping, beatboxing, and various kinds of scat.

I would also consider my improvisational mixing arrangement and creative ability to all be moderate - good.

Is anyone actually going to use this suprisingly good resource of performers? 8O I would LOVE to play a part in ANY kind of collaboration.

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Is anyone actually going to use this suprisingly good resource of performers? 8O I would LOVE to play a part in ANY kind of collaboration.

Give this thread a little time to be recognized. If I see people asking for live instrumentation in WIP's I point them here. I can offer Electric guitar with a lot of available effects [got an effects board]. I suppose you can hit me on aim or MSN sometime, and I'd be able to whip up a quick sample. [Don't have hosting for files yet]

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