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  1. Darkesword was/is a cool guy. Always reasonable and willing to listen, which is much more than can be said for various other staff members. And a consistently quality remixer, too. I'm glad he'll be sticking around.
  2. First of all, I'd like to say that I really liked various posts made on page 15 by Bummerdude, Dagda, Kawaiininjakat, and Vig. It's good to hear that djp was an advocate of UnMod. I always figured he was a cool dude. It certainly does seem like many of those in opposition to it - whether they be Judges, Mods, or plain old users - are new to the site, while the old-timers have established a familiarity with it. Yes, the gesture was decidedly obnoxious. But since they prefer to believe everyone in UnMod is a poster of "abusive" fiction and child pornography, I can see how some derived such enjoyment from the act. Haha, it's somehow unsettling seeing The Coop post about penetration and dildos. I guess it took a holocaust to bring it out though. OUT THE AIRLOCK WITH THEM!
  3. I loves me some Castlevania. Lament of Innocence was a good game. Haven't tried Curse yet, but I sure would like to see a big-budget console CV in the future, with elaborate level designs fitting for a 3D environment. Imagine how great it would be to combine art direction by Ayami Kojima and enough money to get it as nice looking as possible. Castlevania is all about the atmosphere, after all. Of course, the 2D games are still the best and always will be.
  4. I see the orange theme still exists in the "Next Thread" text just above the quick reply box, but I'd like to see it extend to the rest of the forum, as it used to be. You know, on the thread titles and such.
  5. Instrumentalists only need to know three things: 1. Keep your muscles relaxed, tension in any part of your body will kill your playing. 2. Approach your learning experience objectively. If your blender breaks down, do you just keep trying to turn it on until it works? No, you get inside it, find the problem, and fix it. Likewise, when you can't play something, the answer is not "keep practicing". Find out what's stopping you and train that thing individually until it improves, then try again. Maybe you will have to entirely reconsider the way you approach speed picking, for example, but becoming a good player is all about climbing those little hills one by one until your skillset is prepared to face what you're attempting. 3. Try to push yourself with each practice session. Don't just play the same songs over and over once you've learned them, or keep playing the same types of songs. Expand your repetoire (yes, have a repetoire) and try to learn something a little harder each day. Those three rules make lessons next to useless. Curiosity about any techniques or methods can be sated by reading on the internet and watching tutorial videos. #2 and 3 can be applied to visual arts training as well.
  6. Joke account. If not... try to be more like Robotaki.
  7. You can get really professional result out of free samples, sequencers, and effects just laying around on the internet. You don't have to be rich or even have a job to make stuff sound great.
  8. Now seeding. I enjoyed it! Lots of nice tracks in there. I like house and Hetcenus' a lot, among others.
  9. my think is you listen maybe too much borat a remix is fine too is good for listened
  10. Limited thematic material explored in repetitive fashion is a piece-killing flaw, not a "stuid thing".
  11. Anyone see the live Wii special on Gamespot? They showed the whole first part of the game. It was cool.
  12. This isn't some super-impressive shred video, but the guitar is cool. 3 necks, one fretless, one normal, one... something else. The fretless sound is very nice.
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