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Activision is at it again. (Lawsuit against EA)

Thin Crust

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So apparently Activision is trying to sue EA because of an alleged conspiracy causing the crumble of Infinity Ward.

The complaint states,"Activision is informed and believes that the negotiations between Electronic Arts and West and Zampella were structured with the design and the expectation that West and Zampella would 'spin out' from Activision and would take significant numbers of key Infinity Ward employees with them to set up their own independent company so that Electronic Arts could make another run at competing with Activision."

Is anyone else getting extremely tired of Kotick and his pathetic grab for attention? And does anyone seriously believe any of his allegations? I think it got out of hand when they tried to sue EA for publishing Brutal Legend after they dropped the project themselves.

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It's probably to punish EA/former Infinity Ward employees by making them spend money on the lawsuit. Since they joined EA, it wouldn't be surprising to see them make a competitor to the Call of Duty games, so there's a larger stake at play here being the market share of the military FPS market.

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