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Harmony of a Hunter - The Metroid 25th Anniversary album

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I went ahead and got the CD pre-order when they made it available (no experience with case stuff, seemed like too much trouble to make; I wanted this one in CD form, because I'm a huge Metroid fan). I'm looking forward to the poster print, too. I'm feeling a bit impatient with the waiting time, though.

This album's great, btw. :-)

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Hey guys

Hope it's ok to advertise this here, it's relevant to this thread afterall :)

Just a heads up really, due to the success of Harmony of a Hunter, we put together an expansion called Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run. It contains lots of new content and themes that didn't make it to the original. There's returning musicians from the previous album and lots of new musicians too.

It's actually completed, it contains more music and more musicians than the original and in my opinion, a higher standard of quality. We really pushed it this time! We launch the album in November and look forward to hearing your comments on it :) For more information on 101% Run, check out the Facebook group:

For previews and press releases, check out the Harmony of a Hunter website!

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