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Shining Force II - Shrine (experimentation)

Matt E. Waldman

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Here's the original:

Okay, so this was literally after about only 2-3 hours of work, but I'm sleepy, so I'm posting what I have:


Thought I'd take a break from my usual style and try something more electronic. Smooth, electronic ambience is what I'm going for. I plan on making the drums a LOT more dynamic than they are though.

So yeah, this is just to get the idea out. Many changes will come later

Bed time~

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I APPROVE! Classic Shining Force Fan here and you did justice to this!

I know you said that you're still working on it, but I think you should add some kind of distorted ethereal sound that phases in and out (doppler-ish?).

It sounds like you're going for an electro-ambient space groove so I was waiting for a weird distorted pad to just whiz by.

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