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Sci-Fi BGM


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Here's something I started yesterday. I oftentimes play these games with myself where I pretend (haha) that I'm writing music for some game/movie/commercial/whatever. It's good practice since capturing the mood is just as important as the quality of the composition/production. For this the theme was simply a science-fiction side-scroller reminiscent of metroid. I tried making my own synth patches this time around and really focused on production and mixing. I plan on adding more but would like some feedback on the mix (since I'm pretty awful in that field). Thanks for anything!

EDIT: Made in Renoise using refx Vanguard and drums from vengeance essential clubsounds volume 3.

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The only thing I can think of is perhaps take away that buzzing that I'm hearing from that one synth. Granted, you may have wanted that sound, but I'd switch it with something that better matches the texture of the other synths and see of that sounds better or worse.

It does capture the mood though, so kudos for that.

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