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OCR01295 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 'Aeris Lives'


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Link to mp3:


Your ReMixer name: Kevin Lau

Your real name: Kevin Lau

Your email address: kevin.kevinlau@gmail.com

Your website: http://www.kevinlaumusic.com


Remix title: Aeris Lives

Name of game(s) ReMixed: Final Fantasy 7 Name of individual song(s) ReMixed: Aeris's Theme

Comments: A piano rendition of Aeris's Theme. I stuck to the basic template of the theme during the first "verse", while expanding and reworking familiar ideas in the second half. Hope you guys enjoy it.


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http://www.tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FF7_psf.rar - 319 "Aerith's Theme" & 101 "The Prelude"

A couple of the presentation ideas were similar to the FF7 Piano Collections version of the theme by Shiro Hamaguchi & Seiji Honda, such as the style of the 3 embellishing notes in each section of the chorus starting at 1:32 (found at :52 of the FF7PC track). Nothing alarming with similarities though; just had to check that angle out, though Kevin's site points out which FF pieces he arranged rather than covered. This certainly goes in a lot of places that the enjoyable but more conservative FFVII PC piece does not.

Very quiet but excellent first few minutes. Great way to slowly escalate things at 1:48. Well done integration of "The Prelude" from 2:21-3:05, followed up by some excellent rearrangement of The Prelude all the way until 3:35. The abrupt/drastic change in key at 3:40 didn't work at all, but what came after that was strong. Nice activity throughout the last 3 minutes or so, before slowing things down for the dramatic finish. I'm not an FF music fan myself, but I can see how other fans could dub this as emotive.

I'm interested to hear what our other piano talents like Dhsu & Bladiator have to say on this. Maybe someone can get kLuTz & MC around for comments as well. Things were conservative but still interpretive in the beginning, but picked up even more on the rearrangement department later on. Nothing much else to say, but good work. I'll certainly be checking out the other material available at your page, Kevin. (I suggest the readers out there to do the same.) Just scoping it out, I can see you're already an accomplished musician who'll achieve bigger and better things. Certainly hope to hear more from you around here.


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Yeah this is quite conservative, but the reinterpretation and subtle additions sprinkled throughout the mix make it certainly a viable OCReMix. I wish the the mixer played around with the theme more creatively and took more liberties. That aside, wonderful and emotional performance. Very cool ending sections also. Definite YES.

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