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Which is better for my piece? guitar or piano?


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img.php?fid=1053 <------ Guitar

img.php?fid=1054 <----Piano

I wrote a song, it's a theme for the first town in an rpg. You know that town, you've seen it a hundred times. it's a pallet town, lumbridge, the little nameless village where you start your epic journey.

This isn't a pallet town remix, thats just a comparison. This is one of my own works.

Anyway, I can't decide whether it sounds better for piano or guitar. Im leaning towards piano right now cause it sounds kind of too high on one guitar part, but I really like how the one part near the end sounds on guitar rather then piano.

What do you think?

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Use both. Use the guitar one as the song that actually plays during the village, and use the piano version as a reprise for the "end credits song that combines all the themes in the game" later on. Or vice-versa. For the purposes of the description of where the song is meant to be played, the guitar would be better. But you should never let a good piano arrangement go to waste.

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