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Looking for Houseworks by Housethegrate

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As from the thread title, I'm looking to buy Housethegrate's album Houseworks, preferably hard copy. Took a few hours of finessing The Google, but I found what looks to be Housethegrate's current site.

(I've read the forum stickies, hope this is alright to put this)


Problem is is it really him? No contact button the .net site. His old .com site is no longer in service. Forum profile says he hasn't been on OCRemix since Feb. 2008 so private message looks out' the question.

There are a lot of fake sites selling music they don't have. I want to buy this album, but I've tested, and the PayPal button guess no where (PayPal general log-in, nothing about the album). Any insider news? Anyway to contact Housethegrate? Anyone know if the hard copy is still for sale, and if, where?



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Hello, I found this thread and wanted to respond. Yes, you can absolutely still purchase Houseworks. I am currently building a new website which is live and viewable, though I haven't started plugging it at all yet since it's still a work in progress. There is a working Paypal form to order a hard copy of Houseworks. The album is also now available as a free download, either in MP3 or WAV format.


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