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OCR02846 - *YES* Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA) 'Aquatic Transformations'

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halc & Level 99

Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

PROJECT MIX for emunator's dkc3 album

my comments:

I was never aware that the GBA version of DKC3 had a completely different soundtrack until Emunator linked me to some of the tracks. The Water World theme in particular (which is basically an arrangement of Aquatic Ambiance itself) caught my eye, as AA has always been one of my favorite DKC songs and one that I've wanted to remix. I took a very ambient-electronic approach to the arrangement and Emunator suggested that the lead might sound cool on guitar, to which I agreed. So he roped in Stevo, who whipped up some excellent guitar tracks (A+++ would collab again), and the whole thing just meshed. I took a lot of inspiration from Vig's 'Beneath the Surface' and also Monkey Kong's 'Dolphin Ride', hence the guitar parts of course ;) Another shout-out to Mattias's Ecco 2 mix as well :3

I'm very proud of this mix, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Stevo's comments:

Talk about a game of telephone: halc asked Emunator to find someone who might be able to give some guitar work for a chill chippy take on the Water World theme. Emunator had heard of my stuff and sent me a message asking if I'd be willing to lend a hand.

I ended up doing clean rhythms and a distorted lead for the melody line, a bit less high end than what I normally use but it went well with the effects that halc put on them. Slow, drawn-out notes with lots of bends, I focused above all else on keeping the flow of the track with as precise of timing as I could muster.

Really nice experience and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with halc again!

source: Water World (

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Halc is back with his traditional style, this time working with our friend Stevo for a pretty fun collab. You've taken the original and added a lot of ambiance to it, also slowed it down to get a nice effect. Guitars are really working well here, everything is incorporated together nicely, and the work between the two of you is pretty seamless.


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I think this is some of Stevo's best studio guitar tone yet, where he doesn't cover up his playing nuances with a ton of distortion. :-)

The arrangement is nice, and the sounds mesh well together, and it stays true to the source while adding lots of little bonuses. It also helps that I love the source.

Unfortunately, I am sick of hearing both of you two make music, so I am going to no this out of spite.


ok fine, yes

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I never played the GBA game so I was unaware the source tune existed. It in itself is a fantastic arrangement of the original SNES song, and probably gives some indication of why Dave Wise hangs around this bunch of nobodies I mean amazing site. Your guys' arrangement is sweet too, and the two styles blend well into something pretty unique for this site. Felt like sometimes the drums overpowered the guitars and vice versa, but a level adjustment here and there aside, this was flawless.


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This is one of those collaborations where the strengths of both mixers shine. I can say from experience this definitely isn't always the case.

Love the crunchy, distorted drums halc brought. He seemed to restrain himself a bit here, prefering to set the stage and let Stevo cover the leads. The pace was slowed, but felt delibrate and the arrangement was pretty focused.

Nice performance overall by Stevo. Kinda felt like the lead guitar lost its focus a bit around 4:12 in where to take the melody, but recovers pretty quick.

Nice work here guys, love it.


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