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Streets of Rage 2 remix album and more...

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OCR has been putting out a lot of top quality remix albums lately and I have a couple ideas for games that I feel deserve to have albums dedicated to OCR's quality of work.

Streets of Rage 2: Everytime I hear a remix from this game it just leaves me wanting more.

Toejam & Earl: Bring some funk back into the gaming world.

Toki-Going Ape Spit: This is more for personal reasons but it has a solid soundtrack and the game is being brought back to xbox live arcade.

Battletoads: Music to kick your best friends butt to.

Super Mario World: I can't believe there hasn't been an album already.

Ghouls & Ghosts: Red Demons, Large Keys, and Heart can't possibly go wrong.

I know that there is a good chance I will never see any of these albums but I post this in the hopes that perhaps I will get someone interested.

Thank you.

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Some good suggestions there, I would love to see a SMW and Streets of Rage album. However, you must remember that albums generally take a long time to complete and require great organization skills from the creator.

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Streets of Rage 2 is my favorite video game soundtrack. I have featured it on several OneUp Studios releases.

The OneUps will eventually record a ToeJam & Earl album, but in the mean time, they have released a TJ&E track on three of their four albums.

And Super Mario World had a great arrange album by XoC that you can get for free here:

Hope that helps.

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