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Recording bass: Miked amp vs. DI

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I bought a bass amp some time ago with plans to mic it to my Onyx 820i. When I went to the store to shop, the guy HIGHLY recommended I use this Tech 21 something rather direct input. Claims it's better than miking if your room isn't to your liking. I never really thought about it cause there really wasn't much i could do to improve my room without spending even more money. But I bought an amp with plans to mic it.

is one thing better than the other in this case? or is it kind of an "up to you" deal? I personally would rather mic it. But i'd like a second opinion. Thoughts?

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I don't want clicky presence. well, SOME picking noise isn't bad. More bottom if anything. I've been using the GearBox gold for some time now and I just couldn't get the bass sound i wanted out of it. and I tried 3 different basses i had at my disposal spending hours and hours for each trying out amp models and cab models and adjusting EQ, emulated mic positions and so forth. I even tried post EQ on some of my tracks after each try and I just couldn't get a great sounding bass. It just wasn't giving me that fullness I wanted.

And same thing for the guitar amps! I wasn't happy with any of the sounds coming out of the damn thing! But once I bought me a mixer, new line 6 spider IV amp and a couple SM57s? The difference is insane! So I figured I should do the same thing with the bass. New amp and at least one mic.

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