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WIP Original electronic song, need ideas + Hello!

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Hey guys! I've been a faithful visitor of OCRemix for quite a few years now, but I've finally decided to get a little more involved.

Specifically, I have a song I'd been working on a while back that I really really liked, but I just couldn't come up with anything. So I figured, hey, great community full of awesome musicians, let's see what they think.

So yeah! Here's a link to my song:


So please let me know what you guys think. I hope to grow as both a musician and contributer to this site and hopefully this'll be a good start :D

-The Tremendous Few, aka rfLarke, aka Kevin Martin

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Strange instrument choice. I'm not sure if you were going for a chippy sound or just low-fi overall, but it doesn't quite come across as either. Strangely enough, I still kind of like it on a weird sub-conscience level. Perhaps experimenting with different timbres might help get you out of a mental block, there.

The harmonies you use are very interesting. Try some different combinations and see where they take you - they might possibly be causing the blockage. Making up a melody to go over the track might help as well.

Try writing something else that might come later in the piece. then writing to that point. Sometimes that can break a block. Perhaps you need a break from that particular track - a few months is a very long time to be staring at the same thing.

Try all sorts of different things. You never know what will be the block-breaker.

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I would recommend you to listen to some Skrillex. Maybe you'll unblock.

Lmao Downsampling synths and anti Eqing for bassline will make his grandmom shit her pants.

Anyways this is a great track, i like the sound of the harmonies, like it could be used in a game or something, i would not say chip tune since you using full sounding synths but it sound excellent, imo i would just loop this track if it was for a game, but since your adding more i would say think alot and get imspired by something like a food, song , painting, and chilly dog etc..

Good luck on this!

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The synths are odd, and even though it's all droning and such, it's not a bother to me. Which is odd. This is nice, but the percussion could use a lot more punch. There IS a kick drum, but good luck finding it!

That said, the arrangement is really repetitive, and stays at pretty much the same dynamic throughout. Add breaks and such, make it more interesting and varied.

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