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Looking for proficient musicians


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I occasionally hire musicians for quick, remote recording. I know there is a trove of excellent musicians here, one I can think of that I hired recently, and so I would love to have a rolodex of goto guys and gals I can depend on for both pro and indie products.

So if you're a great musician or vocalist, send me (on or off list) the following:


Contact details:


Near LA, Yes/No?

Remote Capability, Yes/No?

Rate-card, if you have one.

Union, Yes/No?

And a link to a demo if you've got one!

I work on games (big and small) and other film and indie projects (including vanity projects) so don't be shy.

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There are probably a small handful of people on this site who are professionals. The rest, like myself, play music for fun. If you have that kind of budget and are near LA I'm surprised if you can't find any local talent.

If you use the workshop link (at the top of the page), you can contact people individually and search for specific types of instrumental and vocal talent.

It really depends on what you're looking for specifically, but most people on this site aren't readily available on very short notice.

To stay on topic, I'll send you a link to the drunken song I made last night in like 30 minutes (in honor of St. Patrick's Day).


As far as rates go, it really depends on the size and scope of the project and how much notice I get. Like a lot of people here, I have a full time job. I make music for fun.

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I realize there are a lot of hobbyists on this site, but I also know that many hobbyists are pretty bad ass.

On one of the tracks for LucasArts, I used a friend who works as a programmer at Qualcom to do some guitar work for me. It was great being able to use him, even though LucasArts was ready to hire a guitarist for that part, I used my friend who was a superfan of Monkey Island.

I can easily find talent around LA and have ready access to some very nice studios near downtown.

Even still, I am primarily interested in working with people passionate about games and the games industry.

Everyone here on this site is passionate both about games, music for games, but also passionate about the process for creating music itself.

This means that many people here are capable of recording some vocals, guitars, saxamaphones, whatever, most people here buy the gear, use the gear, love to use the gear, even if they still do it as a hobby.

Finally, I pay every single person I use.

So, really, how can you go wrong?

A chance to work on an actual game and get paid doing it? Doing something you already do?

Do I have a project in mind right now? No.

But I build my tracks around the resources I have available to me and expanding a rolodex of sexy OCR musicians means I will.

That's a win/win...

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Well, if I were a performer I would definitely get on board with this. But unfortunately, I do not perform, nor do I sing. I'm horrible when it comes to practicing my instruments and my voice.

I definitely find composing my ideas to be much more satisfying, but my work usually incorporates the use of orchestra sounds. I wish I had a live orchestra sitting in my backyard, ready to perform my ideas live. But...yeeeah, that definitely isn't the case. However, if you ever find the need to use my particular services, I'm more than willing to get some work done. ^_^

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I'd definitely be interested. I play flute (although, I'm a little rusty). I've been playing for about 12 years, and I have an undergrad music degree in flute performance from a non-conservatory school.

I'm not near LA, and I don't really have recording equipment (a video camera and a built-in laptop mic), but I might change that depending on some various things. I don't have any sort of demo online, but I'm planning on uploading some casual video game/anime songs to Youtube in the future. If I do get around to that, I'll post links here. A private message is probably my most preferred contact method for now.

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