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Unnamed Freezeezy Peaks Remix


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It's been almost a year since I last posted here, mostly because I felt that everyone else was better than me, and that I could never get a mix to turn out the way I wanted, and I didn't want anyone in a music community to know I couldn't do music. But after a while of deciding on what to do, I shoved my pride down the toilet and made a thread. Yaaaaaaaaay....

So without further ado...here. I hope you guys don't mind it being hosted on MediaFire--my site's server (not really a server, but whatever) ran out of space, and I'm not going to clutter what it still has with WIP's.

I'm kinda stuck when it starts looping again--I don't know what else to add there. Also, the synths seem to be too generic, but I synthesized them myself, so I'm proud of that. :tomatoface:

Constructive crits? Rozo, I'm waiting...

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Well, I'm sure not Rozovian, but I do love me some Banjo Kazooie, and so any WIP from it is welcome in my book.

My big complaint so far is that the arrangement is very close to the original right now, and there isn't a whole lot of variation in that regard. Not sure what I can recommend there, but it feels like it needs more of your interpretation on the track - a change of flow or something.

Second, the drum samples you have going sound kinda weak even to me, and production is about my weakest musical talent.

As far as the synths go, they don't sound terrible to me, but again, production isn't my strength. Mostly, some of them just feel a little plain, and it feels like theres something missing. Not quite sure what, but it feels to me like it needs something more.

The good of it IMO, there are a few places where the synths feel like they fit well to me. Mostly the ones that are more quick rather than the long sustained ones, if you understand.

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This is gonna sound noob-like, but arrangement/interpretation is just really hard for me lately.

When I first tried my hand at mixing, I didn't have many options for sounds, and I just used what free stuff on the internet that I could actually figure out how to use. That stuff is better than what I do now.

Arrangement is hard for me anyway, though. I see a good track and think how good it is. I sometimes feel like I shouldn't screw it up by changing it, even though that's pretty much the goal of remixing (not screwing it up, but arranging and interpreting).

I feel like when those first chords come in, the synth there really fits. Like a lot. Other than that, they're really just generic and plain. Barely any effects at all.

The drums are just ACID drumloops that came with FL. It's the same sample over and over again, unfortunately. Drums are not my strong point. Anyway, this drumloop seemed to fit the best, and once I heard it I didn't really want to change it.

So, tl;dr: I'm not good at arrangement, my drum samples are rudimentary, and my synths are plain.

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