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Mega Man Universe.... CANCELED!!


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Game sounded neat on paper, but the more of it that was shown off, and the small ammount of it that was playable, was dreadful.

It was a "remake" of MM2 with TERRIBLE UGLY GRAPHICS and a "make the game your own" theme, with characters that you can alter physics on that broke how the game was supposed to feel.

It was also, terribly ugly.

So you have:

Ugly Graphics

Broken Gameplay

Half thought out idea

At least we got a cool claymation for no reason trailer.

Not a big loss.

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Don't think it would have mattered what engine it would have used as I actually would have been annoyed not being able to slide or use charged up shots after they've appeared for so long. Not to mention there can only be so much variety to stages and bosses with the MM2 game mechanics till it starts to become real stale imo. Wouldn't every one else start to feel the same way too eventually?

Yes MM9 & 10 were great but all that time I actually would have preferred seeing the old upgrades come back, otherwise why ever make them appear in the first place; merely to wax nostalgia over MM2 over and over again? I actually enjoyed MM3 and hell I still consider MM4 my favorite out of the entire series as it felt "just right".



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It's lots of laughs for those who know nothing about the blaxploitation genre. For those who do, it's like a love letter to the classic blaxploitation movies of the 70s.

However, I've seen a lot of those movies and my personal preferences are that the movies Black Dynamite is based on (Dolemite, Black Belt Jones, The Human Tornado, etc.) are funnier just because of how terrible they are...

But don't let that discourage you. Black Dynamite is a lot of fun and really damn funny.

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It did look awfully ugly. I mean, either go with ground-up 3D models a la Mega Man X8 or Powered Up, or go full sprites like Mega Man 2 (whose cock Capcom can't stop sucking as of late). Not some horrifically and aesthetically tasteless combination of the two.

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