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OCR02401 - *YES* Mega Man X 'Tuck 'N Roll'

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OCRemix Song Submission:

This is for Maverick Rising. Don't post before release blah blah blah.

Song name: Tuck 'N Roll

Contact Information:

Note: I am submitting this on behalf of The OverClocked Plaid Muffins.

So if you want to give credit to all of us, as well as us as a group

(I don't know how it works with groups).

Your ReMixer name – The OverClocked Plaid Muffins (Level 99,

PrototypeRaptor, Swann, Xenon Odyssey, Cyril the Wolf, AMT)

Your real name:

Level 99 = Stevo Bortz

PrototypeRaptor = Jonathan Paulsen

Swann = Taylor Swann

Xenon Odyssey = Bobby Keller

Cyril the Wolf = Connor Pelkey

AMT = Austin Thresher

Your email address –

Your website – not one for the group yet!

Your userid – 13318

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged – Mega Man X

Name of individual song(s) arranged – Armored Armadillo

Game is already in OCR Database

Comments on the song:

Level 99 = Arrangement, Lyrics, Guitars, Drums, Vocals

PrototypeRaptor = Brass Arrangement, Arrangement, Trombone, Lyrics, Vocals, Mixing

Swann = Trumpets

Xenon Odyssey = Tenor Saxophone

Cyril the Wolf = Alto Saxophone

AMT = Bass Guitar


When I was younger, my old father would say

The only thing worth having was found at the end of each day

But that was then and this is now and he's far gone

And his voice did linger on for far too long (He said)

My fearless son, you can't be stronger than them all

The birds control the sky and if you jump, you'll likely fall

And you need an alibi just to get by in this life

'cause your shell can't protect you from death's scythe (Oh no?)

When he left to find himself, I left in spirit and body and soul

I also left my family... literally

'cause if he's not worth anything then what do I know

I'm just a carbon copy off a damned machine

He said

You'll never breath

And you'll never touch the water

You'll never see

The sights that I, your father

Have entrusted to you

Entrusted to you

I'm sorry

But you will never touch the sky

When my time comes I'll hold my head up and say

The only thing I've lived for is be thrown to the fray

No legacy, just digging; digging deep in my soul

I've become the underground king of nothing at all

I'm under orders to destroy all who dare

disturb this cave and bring a light to my lair

I am more dangerous than you can comprehend

Cause there's nothing holding me back from my end.


Took on this track because PR wanted to do it and, as chance would have it, Cyril had already nabbed the track for Maverick Rising. Took probably over a year to make in full, and many brass takes were needed in order to get the timing as close as we could. Much harder rock than the Kirby track. That's about it, hope you enjoy it.



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Damn good treatment to this sound. Overall the arrangement is great, and it's a pleasure to listen to. There are some nitpicks; the vocals feel like they are delivered a little awkwardly at times ("at the end of each day" for example), and there are a couple times where the balance isn't quite right. A lot of it stems from the nature of having everyone record separately, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt, plus it's not that too detracting anyways. The transition to the slower section is a little awkward as well, though coming back into things is great.

Minor nitpicks because I know you'll use them to improve on the next sub, otherwise great!


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Nice production, cool lyrics, good arrangement.

I think the horn section could stand to be a little tighter and pushed forward a touch in the mix, and the rhythm guitars tread on them a bit, and could stand to have the frequencies trimmed a bit around the 2k, and a little bit more low response in the bass would be nice.

Otherwise; very good stuff. I like it. :-)


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mixing felt a little hot on the highs to me, but overall the production is strong, the conversion to ska feels natural, and the individual performances are great. you guys do a great job of making your songs sound cohesive regardless of everyone having to record their parts individually with different gear and recording setups. great mix, keep it up. :D


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